Wednesday, March 25, 2009

El Dentista, typo de Mexico.

Well it hurts and I should do something about it.
It's been awhile and if I want to enjoy being able to chomp on things, like a nice juicy apple from the cooler, then I best maintain the old chompers.

My mother always tired to scare me by telling me that if I didn't brush my teeth, they would fall out when I got older.

So far none have exited the alloted space, except for the wisdom teeth that got yanked out one friday afternoon.

That was the weekend I found out that a couple of Scotch Stingers would allow me to chomp on crusty San Francisco Sourdough French Bread.

Then the alcohol nummbing effect wore of on Monday..........

Anyway, the dental profession in Mexico runs from mediocre to good to excellent to stellar.
What's the difference.....?

Pesos, and the quantity of them.

It has become quite popular for US residents to venture sourth of the border to have major dental work performed.
Yep there are horror stories circulating, but likewise there are horror stories of certified US doctors in every town across America.

My cleaning and check up in a super modern Mazatlan Dental establishment, which had more modern equipment than my old town dentist in the states was fast, somewhat tolerable and the best, ..... pretty cheap.

In the states the poor old dentist has now be industrialized.
Computers now kaching, his practices' bank account automatically while you are still strapped in the chair.
Last time a cleaning and check up cost me around $ 300 dollars.
The total was cranked up while he was tapping his monitor screen and doing a little work, do a little,... tap the screen and the total adds up, kind of like the old gas pumps that sounded a gong every time the gallon registered.

I just happen to stumble on an article that proves my point.
Check it out. Figure that it is about 50 % correct, so it's still interesting.,0,4743134.story

Oh yeah, my Mazatlan work cost me $488 pesos.


ac said...

Oral lidocaine paste is also a good alternative to soaking the hurtin' tooth in booze, but not as much fun! It is available Over The Counter here in the states. can you get it there?
Is it my imagination or are there more dentists per square block in Patzcuaro than anywhere else?
And which came first, the ice cream stand on Grande that's open from 10 am to 10 pm or the dentists? Or do the locals all eat the helado with impunity, knowing that there are dentists everywhere?
Viva Mexico!

Felipe said...

The U.S. medical system has flown totally out of control. You paid $300 for a cleaning? Jesus.

Now I feel a little better paying the 700 pesos my very pricy dentist in Morelia charges for a cleaning. But she´s a very high-end dentist, a surgeon, and has more high-tech equipment than my dentist in Houston had.

Health care is one of the best reasons to live in Mexico.

Bob Mrotek said...


I am completely amazed and satisfied with both the medical and dental care that I receive in Mexico at a very nominal price. I don't know why the people in the United States put up with such high cost for health care involving routine visits to the dentist or doctor. Obama is right. It's time for a change.

Constantino said...

Ice Cream sure makes everything feel better for some reason, especially those vendors on the plaza.

Felipe, the 300 bucks included two tiny xrays, but the procedure use to cost about 125 before.

Bob, I would rather have stuff done in Mexico than in the states nowadays. Our family had a several horrible experiences with one of the big providers just last year. Down here at least you are not robbed......

American Mommy in Mexico said...

We have had positive medical experiences here as well. One area in which the USA could look to MX for advice ...

Constantino said...

Hi American Mommy, Kinda unbelievable that the US seems to cater to a different and out of control profits.
Mexico seems more in tune with basics....

Leslie Limon said...

I can't say that I've had a problem with dentist's in Mexico. And it couldn't be cheaper. GRATIS!!! One of my brothers-in-law is a dentist, and takes care of all our dental needs. And his "consultorio" is only 3 houses down from my house.