Saturday, April 18, 2009

All over, all gone, time to go back

One of the most popular and busy seasons where Mexicans take off from points afar is of course the Christmas holidays, second is Semana Santa.

Mazatlan swells to double lines, traffic is unbearable, the wait or que (for the Canadians) is tripled at the fast food joints.

Families from Mexico City and even Monterrey flock to meet family and friends at a beach resort.

They bring the family.

They bring the kids.

They bring stuff strapped on the top of their cars and trucks.

They even tow a small trailer on some of their vehicles.

They bring plastic toys and items....lots of plastic toys, more plastic glasses for drinks, lots of plastic plates that double as Frisbees on the beach.

They leave empty coke bottles on the beach. Next to the empty beer bottles......ey!

They leave lots of empty Bimbo bags on the beach. Many more plastic items then palm fronds......

Why are they so nonchalant about leaving garbage on the beach? By their parking space, and on the road?

You would think that they would teach their kids.........yep they to be litterers.....

Maybe next year we will not be around on Semana Santa......find another place to meet the family......

There is something nice about empty beaches...........empty of people and trash...


Felipe said...

I used to marvel at the garbage thrown about until I remembered the United States in the 1950s which was, of course, before that nation developed the no-litter mindset.

We used to toss trash out car windows, and everybody else did too. Now we don´t.

Mexico is the 1950s and earlier in many aspects. One day we´ll catch on to the idea of not heaving trash everywhere. But that day has not arrived.

P.S. Why did you crop the photo from the lower side?

Constantino said...

I left it up to the imagination, for the readers. I do have a full sized print which I will gladly send you! Besides imagination is better than reality, ok, maybe not in this instance.....

We still have to have the road cleaned every week in front of our property, just amazing how much garbage they toss out of their cars. Once I had a almost empty bottle of coke hit the car as a bus was passing us, they just don't will be a long time before any national program gets any support or teeth into enforcement.