Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let us be healthy!

I was reading in USA Today that Americans are going back or at least attempting to "grow their own". I thought that they have been growing their own for a long time but not so..... It seems that the present economic condition has forced families to grow their own vegetables and even get chickens and pigs onto their land.

We figured that out long time ago, not because it was less expensive that paying $2 bucks for a head of romaine lettuce, but it was a hell of a lot healthier! Plus when you look at a head of Romaine lettuce, you wonder exactly how fresh it is.

Next time you pick up a head take a look at the color of the base of the head. The whiter it is , the fresher it is! The ones that I find at our WalMart in Morelia are pretty sad.....the ones at Soriana in Patzcuaro are even more pathetic. There the leaves couldn't be resuscitated with a cold bath if your life depended on it!

I gotta have my Ceasar Salad with anchovies at least 3 or 4 times a month, it's like a narcotic....

I finished reading a book last month, seems the only time I can read is when we are away from the house, but as I was sitting overlooking the beautiful Pacific on our porch in our temporary digs in Mazatlan, I finished the book "Fast Food Nation".

I recommend you read it, it has changed or rather reinforced my opinion of what I shove down my gullet.

Growing your own food has lots of benefits. It's cheap, it's available without walking for miles to the market or driving there and it tastes so much better when you can pick and eat it yourself!

Lettuce have been my favorite, then beans and of course the tomato.
The article goes on to say that some people have a knack for growing others not....
I have over the years moved from the not to, to the yes side. It took some commitment and perseverance but it is not hard.

For pennies you can buy various seeds and have an endless supply of young greens for salads to the point where I trade my surplus with neighbors for other items.

Try it , you will like it!

All you need are some containers, I have multiple ones, you can grow in flower pots, but my favorites is a 6 ft long box filled with sand and dirt, add some compost now and then and with 3 boxes I have lettuces and arugula all year round.

I have one head of Romaine that comes from a wandering seed from an adjacent box, which will be ready in about 2 weeks. ( Pictured Above)
While the lettuce is coming up and gets to be about 3 or 4 inches high you can pick the leaves for delicious salads.
Save the planet, grow your own!


Bob Mrotek said...


We have been eating a lot of soup lately. My wife uses the freshest ingredients that she can find and the soups that she makes are fantastic! I find that I am feeling better and better eating soup especially as the hot season is upon us.

Constantino said...

And soups are easy to make!
With your vast knowledge of cultures you should have a myriad of tastes and expectations!
Congratulations on healthy eating!

Don Cuevas said...

You can often get a decent head pf lechuga orejona (romaine) in the P√°tzcuaro mercado for about 5 pesos.

Don Cuevas