Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flash...hot off the press....well actually

Before it even hits the press, since the press in this instant is not reliable for a variety of reasons. Our friends and neighbors in Patzcuaro are reporting more sickness then is being reported in the media. There have been multiple instances of friends and relatives being admitted to hospitals in Morelia and the IMSS clinic in Patzcuaro.
So why is this being treated in this way, to limit panic or what?
Several Spanish TV Networks now are reporting that the Mexican Government knew about it as early as the first of the month but either did not do anything or tried to control the information about it.
To avert panic? Who knows.
To not limit Semana Santa festivities? Or not to stop tourists for spring break?
Anyway this is more serious than it appears to be , based on the media disinformation.
Best to be safe and handle things on your own, since that is really the smart option to rely on your own information and self reliance. Hopefully you have enough vittles to last for a week or two, or you should anyway.
In the meantime be vigilant!


Don Cuevas said...

On the other hand, there's someone on the Lonelyplanet.com Thorn Tree, Mexico Branch, who pasted a news article claiming that the Swine Flu was a way for Pres. Calderón to consolidate his powers by declaring a (supposedly) unconstitutional state of emergency.
Read more: http://tinyurl.com/cokncw

IMO, there wil be continued discrepancies between the actual number of cases and the reported cases, especially here. One of the more plausible theories advanced as to why Mexico has reported deaths from flu and other nations have not is that the reported cases here were from hospitals having severly ill patients only. Milder cases (if there are such things) are not reported because people try to tough it out on their own.

Choose your favorite theory.

Don Cuevas

Constantino said...

Well, just fine.....and here I thought I would have some peace and quiet for my downhill journey.. but everyone wants to control and grab power....
What is going on with this world? In the states it is worse, started by the last guy, now with the new guy, and now down here.....I give up!
Too bad I am too old to become a politician ( just kidding )

Have a safe trip!

Felipe said...

View information from Mexican friends and neighbors skeptically, mi amigo. Gossip and rumor were invented by Latinos.

jennifer rose said...

The narcos were going to bomb the schools, so the government came up with swine flu (this is the allergy season, after all) as an excuse to close the schools and prevent embarrassment. And then Hilary Clinton and Obama brought swine flu to this country with them on their visit.

Wm said...

We have a niece who is vacationing in Mazatlan with her 9 month-old daughter and husband. One can't help but be concerned about them picking up the virus on the flight home especially since this flu seems to be more sever with small children. Also, since this flu attacks the lungs, it's no wonder that it is harder on the people in Mexico City considering the levels of smog in that city.

Your buddies in Sonoma County miss you Constantino!

Constantino said...

Rumors fuel the media, family members acknowledge that there are serious problems which are not being addressed. They should stop finger pointing and solve the bug issues.....that though will never happen, now travel and others are impacted but the bureaucracy will swell either way. Get rid of the whole batch of politicians on both sides would be the sensible thing to do, but the replacement would not be better I am afraid.

Wm, flying back on any flight is a crap shoot, flu or no flu, it has to be the unsafest way to travel, other than maybe an infected cruise ship....They will probably be ok, since Mazatlan is real empty now, since Semana Santa ended....Sonoma County? Where is that?