Friday, May 01, 2009

Now what?

So now the Mexican government is concerned about the sinking economy due to the travel and swine flu situation.
Maybe they should have thought of that a little sooner.

I have seen pictures of DF and you could shoot a canon down the street and not hit anyone.

Cancun reports that restaurants are down 90%

It is tough goings for the average Jose , the family that runs the small independent restaurant or the corner bodega, all report devastating situations.
No income.

How much of that is fact? From what we see on TV, things look very sloooooow. Planes are flying people out, not too many coming in to spend money.....but then again it is starting to be the slow season. No one wants to lay on the beach during thunderstorms.... and the bugs are mean and thirsty.

I would think that the people have been through worse times, but maybe not.

Excesses were not only in the US, but the taste of stuff has filtered down to here. Just look at how many people are walking around with cell phones.

We were at the Telcel office a few weeks ago, and the waiting time was about 45 minutes in the line to get an issue resolved.

The big questions is how long is it going to be before things get back to some normality?

Everyone we know are concerned and staying at home. Their eyes and ears glued to their new flat screen TV, that they borrowed from another family member to purchase.

The Electra Store looked pretty empty as we passed it the other day.

Back to growing your own food and least for another week or two.
Now there is talk that the US will have to bail out Mexico........that's pretty funny.

Where is the money going to materialize from?
I wonder why Mexico can't do the same thing as the US is doing?

Just feed more paper and ink into the presses.............

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American Mommy in Mexico said...

Agreed. I just feel horrible for Mexicans and their families