Saturday, May 02, 2009

You tell me

What's next.

We had the Narcos with their rampages across the country,
Next the talamontes bad boys, needed to be punished for zipping trees down without permission.

Ok, the economy was stale, so some new topics needed to be spouted,
Poor pigs got a bad rap, pharmaceuticals got a big boost along with paper mask companies.

Now it looks like the flu is not what was expected, they wanted more deaths.
It is fizzling out after only 10 days of hype.

You tell me what is now going to be the new holy crap story?

Another bail out of a failing company destined to die, after gazillions of dollars are appropriated by someone?
Now FIAT, yep FIAT the car company that had it's initials stand for Fix It Again Tony, is going to get Chrysler. Big Daimler couldn't make money with it, so now the Italians are............

We need lots of diversions to keep our mind off of the real important things.
Price of tortillas, kilo of harina, the next American Idol.

I remember when kids knew where countries, cities, were located on the map.
They could walk up to a globe and point to them. Remember Globes?

Now they ask someone on Twitter.
I give up, what's Twitter?

Meanwhile, back on the hill, we are still waiting for some rain to soak the parched earth and stop the threat of our trees burning up. I sometimes wonder what's more disturbing. A ravaged grove of trees turned into charcoal or useless stumps from tree thieves.......


Bob Mrotek said...

(Can I call you Connie?) I think you really hit on something...the "Holy Crap Story". What a fantastic title for a movie! Now all we have to do is come up with a theme, a plot, characters, and a screen play. How about it? Are you up to it? This could be big, really big :)

Constantino said...

You can call me anything you want just don't call me late for dinner, or something to that effect!
We could make a movie about the bail out, just change of few themes, but no one would believe it. If you distance yourself from all the things happening, it would be unbelievable of what decisions are being made.
Makes me wonder what inquiring minds from other solar systems think of earthlings......
"Those who do not learn from history, doom themselves into repeating it" Or something of that sorts......I wonder who said that originally?

Bob Mrotek said...

George Santayana: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Hey, Connie...what saying do you want to be remembered for? Mine is Bob's Law..."The last person in the left turn lane is always the first person to see the left turn arrow turn green".

Felipe said...

Fiat, so I hear, makes much better cars now.

It´ll be about four or five more weeks till the skies open. I´m ready.