Sunday, May 03, 2009

Life and cherries

One of our fellow cyberwriters has referred to life in Mexico as no bowl of cherries, for some reason there have been a lot of rose colored glasses handed out to Americans for the last several decades.

Some choose to wear them other have ground them into the earth hoping to return some of the elements back into from whenst it came.

Life in Mexico is grand, life is mellow, life is sad and life is difficult.
Depending on the day of the week and if you had to deal with other people , government employees or local residents you can choose any of the preceding descriptions.

There are certain ways of doing things, and if you try to upset the old apple cart by doing it your way, you better be careful.

"we have been doing that for hundreds of years and......."

Yes there is something to be said for that, but.........if you are not willing to pull yourself out of the pig wallow, then why not?

But that's the way it is!

Why is that many temporary transplants seem to want to change things around here?
They leave their "place of residence" obviously for some reason then come down here and want to create the copy of where they left?

I see too many people want to foist their ideas on other people nowadays......just look at the land to the North, that is a good example.
You can't do much of anything without somebody standing over your shoulder telling you how to do this or that.

Personally we have not been big on socializing with groups or crowds of people for some reason.

I can count the people I talk to on both hands, and in a way I want to keep it that way. It may be easier or certainly less complicated on having to process this and that......

I have my beliefs and ideas and I am quite happy in my place at this time. Thinking or complicating my life is not on my agenda, not as much as on someone else's agenda.

I can give you reams of examples, but today is Sunday, the day for quiet enjoyment and family, ones own thoughts, and thanking life for being able to breath one more day.

That is my opinion for today, but I might be wrong.........check in with me in a few days.....

Back to the beef bourguignon........


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Constantine. You’re headed for big trouble now. You may even find yourself expelled from the Kumbaya Circle. You’d better take that blog private if you know what’s good for you. Homeland Security, the Gringo Patrol, ROTC, the Boy and Girl Scouts, and the American Legion are all going to be breathing down your neck, and demanding your expulsion from a country not their own just for thinking those un-American, seditious, filthy, disgusting and prurient thoughts. Cousin Jesus, don’t you realize that it’s your God-given duty to bring the American Way to the Heathens of Mexico, all the while decrying the very existence of Walmart, Sirloin Stockade and Starbucks. If you know what’s for you, you’d put patriotism and evangelism back on your agenda before noon, along with your ambassadorial sash. And start singing that anthem about the perpetually smiling, honest, live-to-fiesta and know-how-to-live Mexicans.

Constantino said...

Yes, I know, I am already on several lists I am sure, especially the last one along with the returning Vets.....
Just call me your local neighborhood demagogue.
Does that mean I will have to surrender my Elks Club membership?

Bob Mrotek said...

Hey Connie,
Your post reminded me of the song from "Paint Your Wagon" called "The First Thing You Know"...

The first thing you know

They civilize left
They civilize right
Till nothing is left
Till nothing is right

They civilize freedom
Till no one is free
No one except
By coincidence, me

Constantino said...

That's pretty good, I didn't remember that from the movie, Bob.
That was one of my favorite movies, saw it 3 or 4 times, liked the whole movie except where Clint Eastwood was singing.....but he redeemed himself with Dirty Harry again.....
Too many do gooders with too much time on their hands.