Sunday, July 19, 2009

the birds

Living in amongst trees has some benefits and drawbacks. The down side you probably know about, the big problem is tree bandits, the small problem is the maintenance associated with lots of pine trees trimming, falling branches on to the power lines and cleaning up now and then.

That sometimes seems to bring make life living in a nice apartment within walking distance to shops and restaurant bring a hint of envy.

However, One of the things that completely wipe out all the negative things is nature.

Birds is the topic of today's rant. The hummingbirds, the finches, the blackbirds, and the other 30 or so species that call our plot home.

For one we have water, something they are attracted to, as the bees are also, I prefer the birds, although we desperately need the bees for the balance of life. Not only for man but for other life.

We have had guests who have planted themselves in a chair in our back yard for hours attaching binoculars to their foreheads. Amazed they will come in for a drink of water or to have a sandwich, only to return to their perch to observe.

Years ago my wife started enticing the flock by putting out bird feeders and hummingbird diners. After a few weeks she was overwhelmed and has somewhat slowed down the commitment, they still come.

Some years there are more than others, predators probably or just wanderlust perhaps.
Anyway we have a beautiful display of feathery fashion almost the whole year.

We saw a bird bath in a fancy restaurant in the Wine Country, thankfully labor is less expensive at your local muffler shop in Moreila who's talented artistic welder and pipe bender fashions one to our delight from photographs provided.

Now all we need to do is how to fatten them up to roast......

Just kidding, they are only for show!


Felipe said...

Snazzy birdbath. But why you bought so much property to take care of is beyond me. I just have a double lot, and we get plenty of birds too.

Constantino said...

Had I had it over to do again, I would probably be your neighbor....

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Your back porch sounds like a very nice place to be ...