Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dinner and friends

One of the things we enjoy is having a nice dinner with friends. It use to be somewhat accepted and normal to have people over for dinner, a few cocktails or drinks, shoot the bull, swap tales of woe and have an enjoyable time with conversation.

It seems that it has fallen a little out of fashion to do so, and or an effort to fit time to visit and share the time for that exchange that people do not care to do as much.
They now would rather meet at a restaurant to have dinner or drinks......
Maybe they are lazy to clean up before or after?

I know that Sundays are for family, tradition was that many immigrant families would always congregate for the Sunday meal, keeping both the recipes and stories, discussions of our about the embarrassing uncle who would be the talk of the rest of the family when he went off to the bathroom or outside to talk with a few of the other family members.

One of the many things I enjoy and respect is Sunday. Not for the obvious, but for the day that it brings together families and friends. Growing up I remember that we always had people over for dinners and it seemed that people were always having fun, with discussions and sometimes arguments, but all were happy by the time coffee or tea was brought out.

It seems that for many reasons that lots of reports and articles have been written, we are "Too Busy" to socialize over dinner not only with family but with friends anymore.
Day to day events and happenings are now being discussed via "texting, tweeting, voicemail and email".

Having someone actually talk to you is becoming less and less frequent.

Last night was one of those nights dinner was provided but more importantly friends provided both discussion and deliciously prepaired food.

It wasn't a thrown together dinner that my friends provided, it was a Mexican themed dinner.
Fine Tequila to start which paved the way for both a great cheese with chili appetizer, followed with a nopalito inspired ragu topped by a savory chili steamed chicken. The topping was of course dessert.
Especially since my friends took the time to try one of my "Tortilla Torts".
It was even better than when I make it..... they provided both love and heart with the making and serving of it.

At least I know that someone actually trys some of the recipes I scribe now and then.

As the studio announcer would say in the beginning of each Lone Ranger radio episode. Return with us to the thrilling days of yesteryear.... Dinners at home, kids reading books and playing outside instead of sitting in front of a video game or texting.

And they wonder why social skills are disappearing.

I kind of enjoyed yesteryear......


Felipe said...

I gotta pack of Mexican relatives coming to eat today.

Don Cuevas said...

We had a total of 7 of us for brunch yesterday. I have to immodestly admit: it was superb.

Watch this space for details.

Don Cuevas

Steve Cotton said...

And then ther are some of us who spend our time blogging. But I really like the idea. I should do something about it, then.

Bob Mrotek said...


"I kind of enjoyed yesteryear......"

Me too! That is probably why I spend more time thinking about the past than the future. Maybe that is why humans don't live longer than they do. We eventually want to stop the world and get off the train :)

Leslie Limon said...

I for one enjoy Sundays. The entire family gathers at my in-laws house for lunch.(atleast 18 people) The food is very good, but the conversations are even better. If I were ever to return to the States, I'd miss the Sunday gatherings the most!

Nancy said...

I don't have a history of Sunday being andy different than any other day but the joining together with people who have made an effort to make a meal that will provide pleasure is a wonderful thing. And yes, people certainly do enjoy and make your recipes.

Happy Sunday. Buen provecho.

Constantino said...

Nice to hear there is still some social graces amongst you guys! Except for Steve, he enjoys his computer too much....Should make Jiggs jealous!

Sundays are one of my favorite days....still.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I enjoy dinner with friends very, very much. I agree that it is something done less frequently.

Constantino said...

Nice to know that there are people and friends and bloggers that still enjoy social interaction by doing one of the oldest rituals of man, that of sharing the kill from the field to breaking bread at the table!