Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Darby O'Gill and the itsy bitsy people....

If you have been following my rants you know that one of my funnels of information and news is the electronic version of USA Today. It seems to provide me just enough goings on to keep my blood pressure elevated at some point during the reading cycle.
I offset it by reading the different spin on the news on either the BBC site or the Christian Science Monitor. Yes, there is El Sol from Morelia which has sports coverage than local news, which is not necessarily a bad thing......

You might ask why the Christian Science Monitor, it's because they seem to have a elevation of normal in a sea of really weird colors and spins of other biased media.

Back to USA Today.

There was a small article that points out that the Little People Of America have filed an action with the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of the word "Midget" on TV.
The group goes on to say that "midget" is as offensive to them as racial slurs.

Are you kidding me? What is going on up there? This overly sensitive populace is going nuts!
I cannot believe that again (sorry for saying this so soon after the MJ media coverage) there is nothing better to align oneself to besides worrying about being called a midget?

Hey, I was called fat for many years and I didn't go ballistic, never got up on a rooftop or hired an attorney to sue anyone or filed a action against McDonald's for forcing Big Macs down my gullet.

Why is there the sensitivity to such things nowadays?
You read that some Indian Tribe demands that a football team quit calling themselves their tribe name because it reminds them of the slaughter 200 years ago or the someone sues someone else because didn't get the grade someone else got in school.

Thankfully Mexico seems not to be obsessed with this Political Correctness that the US has found a new profit center at.

Back to the midgets......So they want to be called "Little People" but isn't that worse? Maybe I just don't see it there way since I look from a 6ft vantage point, however to me I was taught that "Midget" was the small size of whatever was the norm. So isn't that the same as Small People?
Or is Little People more sensitive?

I wonder why there is even a Little People of America in the first place. Sounds like they want to be a special group, but don't want their own special name.......go figure.

And friend once told me to "follow the money trail" to find out the answers and motivation to a lot of things, so the only thing I assume is somehow, somewhere, someone will get some pennies out of the deal.

Hopefully Mexico is decades behind nonsense like that, they have more pressing issues.......
Too many people with special interests with too much time on their hands..


1st Mate said...

Being extremely short is like being black, or albino or in a wheelchair -- one just never blends with the crowd. After a while, that's bound to get annoying. One has to find a focus for all that annoyance. Certain words evolve into insults, and it's wise to be aware of which ones those are, even in Mexico.

Bob Mrotek said...

Yup, there is a special category or cause for almost everything. I saw a bumper sticker once that said "Help save unborn baby gay whales".

Felipe said...

The Christian Science Monitor was long, and perhaps still is, one of the best newspapers in America. They kept the church off their news pages.

Calypso said...

Two of the little people (twins and wrestlers) were dosed with something lethal the other day - two less midgets to complain.

ace said...

The only reason why they are making a sink is for money.

Where does it stop with the censorship? Pretty soon, saying just ANYTHING to anyone will be deemed as "offensive". The people in this country have gotten so thin skinned it's sickening.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's only appropriate that the "little people of America" have filed what most of us regard as a trivial complaint.

Perhaps they should have filed their complaint in small claims court.

But not to worry. I'm sure they'll get short shrift.


Kim G
Boston, MA