Saturday, June 13, 2009

Water Skiing in Lake Patzcuaro..

We have friends that come down to visit and sometimes I hear that there is not enough stuff to do in Patzcuaro and the surrounding environs.

Are you kidding me?

I guess it depends on what you like to do.

These people are the ones that snow ski during the winter, water ski during the summer, hike and trek across land and then run in some kind of marathon or other mass group grope. They are the ones that bring their bicycle anywhere they go, unless they bring their golf clubs and tennis rackets…..

They would not appreciate a 500 year old building or a leisurely stroll through markets, streets and art museums.

Or sitting around the plaza , sipping on a coffee, talking, watching and listening…..

They want to water ski in Lake Patzcuaro!

That’s what’s missing in Patzcuaro. We don’t have water skiing, we don’t have organized fishing party boats, we don’t even have a sunset cruise with a band playing and people barfing over the side of the boat.

We also don’t have endless rows of bars and discos blaring music and noise 23 hours a day.

We don’t have motocross tacks or municipal swimming pools with synchronized swimming classes.

The biggest thing we have is a converted truck that looks like a stogy version of a San Francisco cable car , or at least what their perception of what the car looks like, that unsuspecting visitors pay 10 pesos to sit in and get schlep around town gawking at tourist destination and people exhibits living in their natural habitat.

Go to Cancun if you want all that other stuff!



Don Cuevas said...


But, Constantino;
"we don’t even have a sunset cruise with a band playing and people barfing over the side of the boat."

Aren't there evening/night boat rides to Janitzio? And there can be arranged some of those off-tune músicos scraping away on their violins and frantically franguing their guitars while raspingly singing of Take Me Home, Los Caminos de Michoacán and the beauty of the depths of Zirahúen.

Best of all, upon arrival, your guests can try charalitos! What could be better than a mess of refried charalitos, and cervezas, or atole; followed by a midnight return across the pristine waters of the lovely Lago?

Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

I believe that trolley ride costs a good bit more than ten pesos, mi amigo.

Constantino said...

Don know I completely forgot about that option...It is a image that I never wanted to even consider. Kind of reminds me of a restaurant in Mazatlan that we go to when we stay there. This guy saunters down in front of the tables and ocean view starts singing....within seconds people throw pesos at leave..he is a worse singer than Rosanne Barr.
I forgot about the charalitos, something about the scent of rancid oil just doesn't sit well with me. And I am afraid of the results our guests would end up with....

Felipe, you are correct as usual. When it first came on the scene I remember that it was extremely ridiculous price, considerably more than what a cab ride would be....And now with inflation...I'll have to ask next time I pass it parked in it's mooring spot.

ac said...

I can't tell you how happy we are that one is not bombarded with offers of these dubious pleasures when we visit.
Heck, I could go to the Jersey shore if I wanted stuff like that.
I did hear there is a 'disco' on the street next the basilica, that disturbs locals and visitors alike.
Don Cuevas, that's probably the best place for those musicos, far from land. On one visit, we did encounter a young boy who grabbed a captive audience at a local eatery, screaming tonelessly at the top of his little lungs. I suspected that the pesos thrown at him were also intended to make him go away. Can't wait to sit in the plaza, sip and people watch.

Paul said...

Masterfully written. You sound like you know what you are talking about (except for the price of the trolley).

Constantino said...

Hi Paul, I have never even had the slightest motivation to inquire how much that tourist ride costs...but obviously they are making enough money to support their own public street parking sign....
Maybe I am mad because I didn't think of that money maker.......

Felipe said...

Enjoying a snow cone just down from trolley headquarters a couple days ago, one of the employees of said business happened by. I asked him the price of the trolley tour. It´s 50 pesos.