Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Box of Crayons

I have always been a play it easy and safe, no upsetting the applecart type of person when it comes to color. In other words kind of a boring guy.

My father was a painting contractor and he once told me that basic white or off -white, eggshell I think was what he called the color, said will go with almost everything.

So our house when I was growing up was all bland off white or shades of off white
........except we had one room that for some reason was Chartreuse.Chartreuse is an ugly color, kind of not really yellow, not really orange, kind of like baby poop maybe a little lighter, but still ugly.

Once we had the house built here, we had the chance to "Mexican it Up" a tad. I have always loved the vibrant Latin colors and the chance to explode the palate. Now it seems that they want to earth tone or turn it down a notch......

One of my favorite room in the house is the guest room.

The bedroom sports a orange back wall with a dark deep blue on the side wall. This was a real color statement when we first painted the house.

It was a trip to go into the COMEX store in Morelia to choose colors which by US standard would only be used in sign painting.

The guest bathroom is a calming light green and yellows........peaceful and calming....for your meditative movements or any other moments you may wish to have...

The bedroom also has a nice wood stove that makes our mountain visitors cozy and warm surrounded in warm colors of life!

I remember when color TV first came around and you had all these vibrant vivid colors, then it all kind of got soothed down. In Mexico it never has. I enjoy going to the Fabricas De Francia in Morelia and look at the great colors of furniture upholstery, bedspreads and artwork for the walls.
Might as well kick it up a notch!

I guess you can say our color scheme is modern Mexican. The house is sort of a Santa Fe on the outside and modern on the inside. Can't wait until I start building some more rooms.....
just kidding!


Don Cuevas said...

Constantino; so, you painted the rooms yourselves?

Our interior walls are Basic Blanca, enlivened by smashed mosquito stains.

Two years ago, our kind landlords painted the outside blue, at our request, after putting up a new room. And they didn't raise the rent for another year!

¡Estamos tan huevones!
Algún día vamos a pintar.

Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

Looking good, kiddo. We Gringos will save the Mexican culture yet.

Constantino said...

Not a white wall in the whole house Don Cuevas.....but not every room has the blue wall. Painted the rooms myself? I only painted while I was a kid to impress my father. It didn't get me the results or the attention. I now only hold a pointer instead of a brush or roller. My only other extent of that chore is the hold a spray can.
Felipe, I think it is a lost battle....
But it's fun to try!

ac said...

Constantino, nice color choices.
the Mexican use of color is just another item on the list of things we like about Mexico.
But, earth tones are cool too!
Don Cuevas, those mosquito stains, after biting or before? the red might be a nice note against the white!