Sunday, August 23, 2009

My forest in my backyard.

When friends first come to visit, they are amazed that we don't have acres of cacti and sagebrush. After all we are in the middle of Mexico.

Then they see the lakes, the mountains, the pine forests and the quaint colonial towns like Patzcuaro.

If we have time we take them to lunch in Morelia or down to the more warm Uruapan.
If we don't have too much time we hang around the lake and maybe a afternoon trip to Tacambaro. There you go from the cool mountains to the gate way to the "tierra caliente" of Michoacan.

Some friends wander around our house amazed at the trees, the vegetation and the contrast of their preconceived notions of pictures of non beach Mexico.

We ourselves have only been exposed to the highways from the states as far down as Acapulco and Mexico City, then to Cuernavaca.

Never been to Merida, Never been to Cancun. About 15or so years ago in Sonoma County, a friend of mine who was a big time egg rancher invited me to "come on down to his boat" ( use your best Texas accent here) "and come on down to do some fishin" at our place in Baja. ( I never thought about Ba Ja, he pronounced it with a J like Jay bird! And there, that is the perfect Mexico I think all gringos have a concept of, Hot desert climate, lots of cacti, sand and not much else.
( I didn't care too much for BaJa....needless to say, something about trying to cool off in 94 degree ocean water.......but the fishing was great!)

I do know people that enjoy going to Cancun all the time, they are the ones that enjoy 28 hours of partying, too! We have our Cancun on the west coast called Ixtapa....a cookie cutter planned resort row with absolutely no character. You know one of those places where you could be anywhere, the beach in Honolulu, Miami, San Diego or Cancun......

I'm at the age where I am partied out......yep quiet and boring now.

I do have a promise to myself to go and visit the east coast next year and time the trip to consider running away from the path of some confused bulls.

A fellow blogger who lives on the coast ( east ) wrote about a annual event that after reading his blog, and in a moment of fantasizing some Earnest Hemingway or John Steinbeck, I thought to myself that instead of going all the way to Pampolna where the animals are real serious, I would seriously consider a alternative here in Mexico. After all when I make a fool out of myself, whats the sense of spending a fortune to do that?

2010 is the year!

After all, you only live once, and hopefully you would only get trampled once, ok maybe twice, it became a new entry on my bucket list.

Any other takers?

Check out John's blog, Viva Veracruz and see if you want to join me?

So Mexico's diverse land is a surprise to many, it's not only sand and beaches, it's beautiful mountains lakes, forests and rivers. You can toss in a big city in there too.

Big trip for 2010 or 11 is the copper canyon trek.......

Always need a goal, for the dreamer in me!


Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Whoaaa...okay, I'm one of those people that can't believe that is Mexico. It could be any yard here in Salem, Oregon. First Felipe and now you with the lovely lawns. You guys do good work!

Felipe said...

You sure are exposed. Have you read In Cold Blood?

Constantino said...

Cynthia and Mike, the lawn only looks that good during the rainy season. The rest of the time it is sparse and yellowed.

Felipe, Between the land mines, laser guided projectiles, infrared detectors and large hungry dogs, I figure we have a chance at survival.
I can't afford high walls or a moat at this time.
Maybe I will start looking at getting a deal on some large stones to start building a fortress....

maria luz said...

If you do decide at some point to do the beach scene sans the insanity, try the Caribbean coast sans Cancun. Isla Mujeres is still delightful and has the unique situation of being a complete little island that is breezy and not buggy. Nice folks and nice restaurants as well.

Those in the know, rent a car at Cancun international and make their way down south toward Tulum and points in between. We have driven every tire track path to every beach on that coastline.

Tankah, Soliman Bay, Akumal (our fav), Xpuha, Xcacel, Tulum to name a few. Cancun is old and boring commercial hat, and as you point out for the Party-Hardy set. The above offers stunningly beautiful, tranquil beaches with truly white sand and gorgeous turquoise water.

If you go in January, when your toes are cold in Patzcuaro, you may even need a rebozo at night. No colonial cities like Merida, but don't forget an abundance of Mayan ruins which are fascinating, if not mystical and spiritual.

Playa del Carmen is getting a bit too big for her britches, but the Playacar area to the south offers some really great accommodations and fabulous beaches with easy access to the restaurants and trinkets of Playa del Carmen.

Over my lifetime, I have been to almost all of the beach areas of Mexico and this was where we had planned to search out our
retirement haven until Wilma had her way with the place. Running from monster hurricanes like that one would be inappropriate in one's dotage. So now we are off to Queretaro from which we will base our wanderlust.

Best wishes to you wherever you go.

I do enjoy your blog and am now no longer a lurker.


Constantino said...

Welcome on stopping by our rants on the keyboard Maria!
We have some new reliable wheels this year, so are travels will start with little spurts at a time. Your listings of spots will certainly be noted in our to do to go list.
So many things to see and do, so little time......

Croft said...

Check out the photo here and then tell us again what you want to do...

Constantino said...

Croft....As you may notice I mentioned that the Mexico ones looked a lot more sluggish if you take a look see at the posting that John has on his site. That is why I thought about it, and based on his photos and description figured it would be as safe or safer than crossing a Mexico City street.....
I can always chicken out after a beer or two on the day of the event!
The Pamplona was is too serious for me.

Steve Cotton said...

If the dog is gone by the time of the next bull running, count me in in. I would rather be gored to death than bored to death. (Sorry. It just came out.)

Constantino said...

You got it Steve!
It may not be a pretty picture the two of us, but you only live once......

Inmigrante Rentista said...

"My forest in my backyard." It also looks like a very nice Costco equipped setting. Where is the gazebo?

Constantino said...

But of course, that's the only place that we can afford...we tried to buy local stuff, kept breaking or was too heavy.
We caved in, sorry to say!
No gazebo, that's too tacky. Maybe a lightpole or two, just kidding!

Calypso said...

we have things dialed in for safety while allowing you the thrill - come and join us amigo - we will show you the ropes and not the sharp end of the horns.

You can always stay behind the barriers and simply make tequila your challenge!

In any case it is very much worth experiencing.