Friday, August 21, 2009

With water comes the green

One nice thing during the rainy season is I don't have to waste any water on the lawn. Yes, In know it is a hassle , BUT with this type of grass I don't have to mow it except once a month or so.

I was at one time considering ripping it out and putting in a pool.

That thought lasted about 45 minutes.

Each time I am stuck thinking of mowing it, I consider ripping it out, putting in grow boxes for vegetables.

Then I remember that we have raw dirt filled with old pine needles for that.

I think I was looking for a Badminton Net and rackets at Fabricas de Francias 2nd floor sports section about 5 or so years ago.

I don't remember if I purchased it or not.

Now it's not a priority anymore.

Funny how time marching on , changes the priorities.......


Felipe said...

What have we here? An actual photo of your Ranchito? Looking good.

Grass is best in small quantities. I want a smaller quantity than I have, and I´m working toward that goal, little by little.

Constantino said...

Well, I figured I would give you a sneak peek, let you see the rest from Goggle Earth, only if you know where to look!
The lawn just looked so inviting....shame I don't golf. But maybe I'll watch someone toss the ball around if they so desire someday....

Felipe said...

I haven´t tried Google Earth in over a year. I found it more hassle than it was worth. However, Don Cuevas found my Ranchito on Google Earth. Maybe I´ll give it a shot again.

Not to be outdone, I will put a yard shot on my own website later today.

Steve Cotton said...

Both Jiggs and I could do with a bit of grass these days. With all of our tropical growth, you would think there would be lawns somewhere. But the beach calls for dirt and concrete, I guess.

Constantino said...

Felipe, you might try to upgrade to the latest version, it runs pretty good.
Steve, I am sure Jiggs would love the cool lawn, I understand that lots of things do not like the amount of salt in the dirt, including grass, at least the lawn type.
As I think WE all say, the beach is a nice place to visit......for a week or two at a time, then come back to cool nights, tall trees, on and on and on, I am sure you heard all that.....
Give Jiggs a well deserved hug for putting up with you!