Friday, October 02, 2009

Summer Rain

As I sit here, listening to the rain hit our tiles on the roof, the temperature outside is in the mid 60's. Just about right!
This afternoon it was hovering in the low 80's and in our assent up the mountain we experience a 5 to 10 degree cooling trend.

I am glad that the Patzcuaro weather here is so moderate. But if you ask the locals they will tell you that it gets downright cold and freezing.

They have not experienced what freezing is, nor have they experienced the heat of the California Desert , or Phoenix, Gila Bend or New Orleans with the nice humidity.

The draw to Patzcuaro was and is the mild climate. Great for the body, spirit and soul.

Not to great for our corn or pepper crop.

Days ago I was sweltering in the hot humid coast of Mexico. Mid 90's and dropping down to the mid 80's when the sun drops behind the distant clouds that hide it from bubbling into the ocean, leaving semi humid breeze less nights.
The motel we stayed at had the air conditioning in our bedroom running 24 hours a day....and that's not cheap even down here.
Here the fire is crackling in the bedroom fireplace, you've seen the pictures before and you can just imagine it now.

Well, back to the reading.......maybe some tea, too late for a stong coffee. I'll save that for tomorrow in the morning.


Leslie Limon said...

You sure know how to paint a picture!

Constantino said...

Thanks Leslie, always nice to have you stop by! Tell me, hows the veggie garden coming?
We just picked some fresh greens for a delicious salad tonight for dinner, with arugula and baby Romaine leaves. I don't know but I think I could become a vegan pretty easy, as long as the crop holds out.

Felipe said...

The climate is definitely the big draw here. It amuses me when the locals complain about how "hot" and "cold" it gets. Well, maybe they have a point on the cold, but just January and February and only at night.

Calypso said...

And how cold will it get? We get down to 45F and lowest seen 42F - cold enough for me after living in Colorado for 6 years.

Constantino said...

Felipe, what I love is that you can always put on a jacket when the chill is on, but there is never a need for AC, except for the car.
Calypso, I have seen it get down to the mid to low 20's a few times during January and February. That although is a rarity, I am sure that being up on the hill, gives us a 5 to 10 degree difference from the protection of the town enjoys. Also the lake will tend to keep some warmth around it's shores.