Monday, October 05, 2009

Too Soon?

When is it too soon to foist Christmas items on shoppers?
Today we visited the newly remodeled Fabricas De Francia, in Morelia which has been redone into an upper scale shopping overload as a Liverpool.

Today is the first week of October and already Christmas stuff is out on the shelves.
It was probably out the last week of September......

In the old days, stuff would only appear after Thanksgiving.

Halloween is not even here , but Christmas stuff is out.

If this trend continues, the Christmas stuff will be out on Labor Day.

Liverpool was not the Lone Ranger.
Costco, Soriana and Mega all had the same beat the crowd idea.

Let me have Thanksgiving first, please.

Let the weather get a little colder first.

Thank you!


Felipe said...

Won´t be long before they have Christmas stuff, Easter stuff, Los Muertos stuff, every manner of stuff, on the shelves all year long.

Constantino said...

I am surprised that they don't have Los Muertos stuff out already. But then again the major market doesn't get here for a few more weeks. Just about time to plan to get the hell out of here for a couple of days.....

Steve Cotton said...

I had the same experience at Walmart yesterday. There is something disconcerting about suffering the first stages of heat stroke with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. Nearly as bad as revisiting the 60s.

jennifer rose said...

If we wanting until Thanksgiving, the Christmas stuff would never appear on the shelves. Thanksgiving gets all the accord, and more, reserved for the 4th of July in this country.