Friday, January 29, 2010

So many things to do, so little time

What do you do all day?.....well we have been through this before, three or four times a year at least we wind up on the coast.

We go when it is cold in the mountains. That's the perfect time to go visit the beach, mingle with the shivering Canadians who swell the coast starting in November.

See the prices jump up for the season.

We have noticed a decline in the number of visitors on the coast the last year or so.
Must be the economy or probably global warming, nice and toasty warm in Calgary.....?

Anyway we enjoy Mazatlan for a week or two, sometimes a tad longer depending on what and how many books I have to read.

No internet, unless I drag the computer to Starbucks or some location with free wifi.

After a day or two, I don't even miss it.

I love the change of regional food as we travel around. The great Sonoran Meat, nice fish if your on the coast, great fruit as your head further south, super delicious from the jungle areas between Lazaro Cardenas and Zihuatanejo......almost makes me wish we lived there.

But the reason we love Mazatlan is because of one fellow. I am his best friend, at least that is what he says until he greets his next customer.

I am talking about Mr Shrimpman.
Each morning around 7 he starts walking the beach in front of some of the hotels and condos yelling in a mumbled accent, " Shnip......Fresh Shnip."

Yeah I know that we can get shrimp at Mega and tons of other places, but I am a loyal shopper.
We have been buying Shnips from him for about 10 years now, long enough to get a discount.
You would think.

I don't mind, I rather support the independent Shnip man. After all walking around on the beach with a heavy bucket filled with shrimp and melting ice is not an easy job.

He sells two sizes. large which would be 21-30's those go for 70 to 80 pesos a kilo, and the grandes which would be 16-20's those go for about 120 -140 a kilo. They are the same size as the restaurant for gringos sells for 45 Dollars a kilo , ready to eat on a plate, boiled.

Sorry, I can boil my own , thank you!

During our stay I buy enough to eat, make shrimp rolls, shrimp ceviche, and freeze couple of bags for the cold mountain house.

In Patzcuaro our frozen Shnip markets don't sell the grande ones, so I stock up!
And support my local Shnipman.......ok Maestro de Camarones!

( Check his picture out and you will see evidence of both the shrimps and my previous post topic)


Calypso said...

Loyalty counts for a lot - I knew you were the kind of guy that abides by that most honorable of positions.


Jerry L said...

Cheap eats! Lucky you, jumbo shrimp run 15 to 20 dollars a pound. And they are from Taiwan.

Steve Cotton said...

My cholesterol count is now due solely to the amount of shrimp I eat here. And I buy it from whoever drops my way.

Tancho said...

One thing I learned a long time ago, was if find a good supplier, stay loyal to him, even thouhg they may be a little pricier than other sources, in the long run you will be rewarded.

In the words of Julia Childs, everything in moderation is ok, even butter. I don't think having that every day would fare well, once a week, a nice tall shrimp cocktail is probably better than lard infested fried foods that entice us all the time?

Bob Mrotek said...

How are we coming with the plans for the Tancho/Beto Plastic Bottle Recycling Company? I hope that you don't get side tracked with dreams of Tancho/Shnipman a la Bubba-Gump!

Todd said...

One thing most people dont know here in Patzcuaro is that you can buy your raw shrimp and fish from the restaurant "La Guera"

Big turnover, always fresh!


Tom and Debi said...

I have a guy 'Lucio' who comes to Merida from Celestun where his family are fishers. He too has those really large shrimp. He also brings lovely fish fillets, cazon, and last week he had lobster tails.
Can't beat doorstep service.
We always have him on the front paatio out of the sun and get him a tall cold water.

Tancho said...

Bob, I only do sure things, I like your idea of plastic fence posts, I need to check that one out! I will leave the shrimp to the professionals!

Thanks for the input Todd, on fresh fish at La Guera, only problem is that I won't want any after enjoying a platter of camarones that they prepared. I will have to just make that a trip when I am not hungry!

You are one lucky seafood eater Debi! Door to door lobster! Now I could get use to that!

ronnieMex said...

There I love more than a fresh shrimp cocktail drained with hot sauce. That is mighty good of you for staying loyal to the game. Mazatlan here we come.

Tancho said...

Well RonnieMex, I have found that buying shrimp from megastores has it's disadvantages... with my Amigo, I always have a fresh product that outlasts anything storebought, and I indeed will support the independent businessman at all reasonable costs! I too love a nice cocktail, some nice fresh cilantro, some chopped onion, hot sauce, tiny bits of celery and decent ketchup diluted and fresh shrimp.....ah. perfect!
That along with a nice cold brewsky, just doesn't get any better!