Monday, February 08, 2010

You can always talk about the weather...

Were a few of the lyrics of a song in the late 60's that I have no idea who sang it though, a British group that you could still understand the words to, before the grunge music with undistinguished lyrics took over, well anyway.

IT has been strange, especially for the Pacific Coast of Mexico.


Torrential Unexpected storms.

Here I sit in our oceanfront Mazatlan room, listening to the surf in jogging pants ( that's what they are called, I have never jogged in them) but it has been in the 50's to low 70's for the past week or so.
Usually we need to run the fan all night....
Not lately.

Today the sun was out most of the day and it looked like the rains have gone for awhile.

I hope so, the sun does feel nice and warm.

Need to work on my tan a tad.

But we also need to split here before another sundown or two.

The BIG party is staring this weekend.

We no longer like BIG parties. For a matter of fact I don't like big crowds either.

Quiet, orderly, maybe a event that is not too big, OK, even something colossal, but controlled somewhat.
Mazatlan's Carnival is not too controlled and certainly not quiet. I have enough issues with the booming speakers on passing taxis from blocks away that vibrate the windows by the hundreds.
Or is it me?
Maybe I should get a 2000 watt stereo and play Martin Denny's Quiet Village........
Ok, maybe nobody remembers that, how about The Lonely Bull........bby Herb Alpert?

Just doesn't have that same effect ,

So, we are back to the hills by the weekend, back to the soughing of the trees.

And cold crisp starry filled clearn nights, only spoiled by occasional smoke from the fireplaces.


Felipe said...

Carnival starts in my neck of Pátzcuaro this weekend, and we will spend our first few nights in our new casita near downtown to escape it.

After 18 years in New Orleans, I don´t need any more carnivals.

Calypso said...

Tancho get yourself that 2000 watt music system an put on The Black Eyed Peas E.N.D. cd - you won't hear a thing beyond that (and it has a good beat to it ;-)

We escaped to Puerto Escondido for better weather and it has been working out - aside from a small earthquake last night ;-)

Stay warm amigo!

Tancho said...

Kind of ironic Felipe, that you leave the outskirts and move to the Centro for peace and quiet.... What year was it that you were King of the Parade in the Big Easy?

Calypso, south of the border sooner or later the noise will come...I just have to get a nice pair of over the ear headphones and pump in white noise, or The Black Eye you have spiked my curiosity and I will have to go on line to sample it. Puerto Escondido sound like a nice out of the way location, another must see on my growing list.

Nancy said...

Jeeze all of you guys sound like you're in your jammies at 6 pm!

Just kidding - I imagine after a few more years here in Mazatlán I will make an effort to avoid Carnaval but for now we love it. The parades, the fireworks, the country boys in their shiny white cowboy boots coming to the city for some fun and music. And our house, being behind Icebox Hill is quiet even when it is roaring loud a few blocks closer.

Tancho, hope we hook up today, if not, next time you're in town, ok?

Tancho said...

You seen one parade, one boisterous crowd spilling beer on you, and some of the revilers going goo goo, you seem them all.

I have been to my share of parades and events, now it is more enjoyable reading about them in the comfort and quiet of a comfortable chair with a nice coffee or glass of wine. Have fun, snap some photos and share them with us!
But things do change, maybe one of these days I will hanker for some unruly crowds and noise, we may be spilling our own beer on the others!