Friday, February 12, 2010

The Wonderful World of Color

There are many things that I enjoy about Mexico.
We will talk about the positives today, the vast variety of COLOR.
From the gaudy Bardahl signs, to the lime green Castrol (which are becoming fewer, thank you) to vividly painted homes that still have the moxie to cast their personality to all with Blue or Yellow or Mustard painted exteriors.

Lately I have seen many new housing tracts pop up, that have neutral colors.
How Boring.

Returning from the coast on the auto pista, we passed this truck and I just had to take the opportunity to snap a few.

How much salsa is that load going to make?
Stuff peppers perhaps?

I know it will not be anything spicy, so perhaps its for the Applebees or some other chain that attracts Gringos like bugs to a light......Waaaay to spicy for me, that black pepper! ( I really had a friend of mine say that all the time in Santa Rosa)


Yellow, Red and Green Peppers are not spicy....flavorful yes, spicy NO! But since the vegetable was called a pepper, it just had to be spicy...
It is interesting to see friends that come and visit down here. I would say that about 90% go with the flow and are game to try anything and everything.
The other 10 percent, I question why they even come down if all they order is cheeseburgers with fries....hold the mustard...too spicy. They are the same ones that never order a Pepperoni has spicy pepper sausage in it!

Anyway back to the peppers.....The colors are so vivid to the point that you cannot get any more true yellow, green and red.
Nature at it's finest....and we can simply enjoy, taste and savor......
I wonder how much that pickup truck load cost?


Refried Dreamer said...

that looks gorgeous, uh, yummy, uh.... amazing!!!

I would love to find out what mercado THOSE are going to!

Tancho said...

Hey Refried Dreamer, I was too, where do you go with that kind of quantity of non Mexican style chilies?
Maybe some mercado, or a color festival?
I don't think they were home grown, to look too perfect. Maybe thats because the ones we grow are all kinds of shapes and sizes. I am waiting for one to have the outline of the Virgin.....

Don Cuevas said...

That's a wonderfully vivid photo. I bet that they smelled wonderful, too.

But to be pedantically precise, they are not "chiles" but "pimientos morrones'.

I love roasted pimientos morrones, perhaps dressed with some olive oil and wine vinegar, a touch of minced garlic and parsley.

Bon appetít,
Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

And yet most Gringos here build houses and paint them adobe brown.

Stuffed peppers? I´ve never seen anybody eating a stuffed pepper in Mexico, not the way you and I think of it.

Refried Dreamer. Now that´s a great name. I see by your blog that you´re living in Mexico "not exactly by choice," which I take to mean that you married a man without papers up north, and he was caught and deported. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Living in Mexico is a challenge when you are here by choice. It can be very difficult when it´s not by choice. Brace yourself.

Tancho said...

Ah Sr Chevas, you are right again, however pimientos morrones would be a mouthful for the little signs.

Felipe, The only place that I have seen these on the menus has been in the "Salad " themed restaurants. Mexicans are not the big fans of the vegan fad as you know. The only way they use the other pepper is the healthy way...stuffed with some cheese and fried in lard or oil...nice and healthy......

Anonymous said...

such vibrant colors! and i bet they're quite tasty too.

so what is a bardhall? never heard the term before so i am curious.

have a great weekend!

feliz dia de amistad!

teresa in lake stevens

Tancho said...

Ah Teresa, you got me.
A misspelling, I could say it was a typo, but late last night when I was typing it, the first spelling looked ok with a cursory glance...nice to know someone is watching! May you have a great feliz dia de amistad also!

Calypso said...

Tancho - Terrific photo. I have had stuffed peppers here filled with cheese and a variety of finely chopped veggies - good for vegetarians. However I will eat those yellow beauties any way I can get them .

Felipe said...

Señor Calypso: Filled with cheese?! That, mi amigo bonito, is the downfall of many vegetarians. Cheese is pretty much pure fat, not healthy eating.