Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Liquid Sunshine......yeah sure!

Other people have noted that this season has been unusual. We had downpours while we were in Mazatlan a few weeks ago, the rain started last night again and rained all day long.

Life goes on.

For past few months they have been busy rebuilding our Grand Plaza, the big one in town.
I was surprised that they were even working in the rain.....
Must be a hard ass foreman...

New granite curbs, new tiles, new benches along with some of the old ones being patched up.

Looking today as they were placing the granite slabs in a vertical position on the curb made me think of how long they are going to last.
Negligent, no not negligent, but uncaring drivers will certainly bash the nice new curbs and sidewalks.

Where is the pride of the citizens?

It often appears that many people just don't care. I can attest to that just by the large bags of trash we collect weekly in front of our property.

I also notice more graffiti in town.

Time to catch these villains and spray paint their eyelids in a vivid Comex Yellow......In fact I will volunteer my nozzle finger on top of a spray can.

The rain today also made it much more messy as you get out of your vehicles into the slurry mud and dirt in front of some of the businesses.

But at least that is no surprise, thats what the old extra pair of old shoes are for.....
Even if they don't look dapper.

I thought the old plaza was just fine.........
but that's my opinion.


Leah Flinn said...

Look at the bright side, at least the rain keeps the graffiti from vomiting over the landscape...for the moment.

Tancho said...

Felipe had a great idea a few days ago, ban all spray paint.
Unfortunately they would find some other way to "express" them selves.
We had spray paint in the 50's but would never think of doing something like that!
Funny, in a sad way.

Felipe said...

I am glad they are renovating the Plaza Grande. It will look splendiferous. The entry drive into town from Morelia is also getting a massive remodeling. Also will be wonderful.

And it will increase my property values!

Calypso said...

Raining in Puerto Escondido this morning - yikes! One of those nice gentle 75 degree rains however ;-)

We are getting a remodel on much of Xico these days - a lot of it seems to be little more than a change and make work.

As you suggest this doesn't seem to bolster community pride or lessen the graffiti - sadly.

Tancho said...

Felipe, it will look grand indeed. I just hope it will remain such for a decade or two.
Property Values?
Isn't that what was part of the problem with the grand meltdown. up top?
But don't forget if they go up too much your desired Subway sandwich shop will not be able to afford to locate within walking distance to your penthouse abode.

Tancho said...

Gee Calypso, I was being envious of your warm sandy beach...
I have seen a lot of sheckles tossed about this year..must be the Ruta 2010 thing, since it is not the Ano de Hedalgo.
Anyway you take it is nice to see some improvements. Enjoy your warm sandy beach.....