Wednesday, May 05, 2010

casa de empeño

Must be the economy because I have recently noticed several new Casa de Empeños about town and the area.

Last year or so, there was one in Patzcuaro, and none in our other little town of Santa Clara del Cobre.

Today as we
bounced through town with the help of several topes, we noticed that in Santa Clara there are TWO shops.


Santa Clara is a small town, maybe it has
4000 people but two hock shops.

Both were
closed, so I didn't get a chance to stop in and see what they had. But for some reason I doubt that they will have anything the quality of shops that we see in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, you can buy lots of neat stuff in Pawn Shops.

Fueled by the gambling bug you would be surprised of what people sell to feed the habit.
What could they possibly bring in to a local Patzcuaro shop.

A old stereo, maybe a record player. B&W
TV set?
Maybe I will stop by next time I see the doors open and see what they have.
Maybe I
will find my old receivers, and stuff that disappeared from the house in the last 10 or so years.
But I kind of doubt that.


Don Cuevas said...

"About one third of the municipality’s total population of 38,502 lives in the town of Santa Clara del Cobre proper."

Why the white highlighting on some of the text? Is this a whitewash job? :-)
(I had some on my Tacámbaro post, where I did a block quote, I think.

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

I forget where I got the 4K now, but 17K may sound more plausible..40K wow that is a big population, they must include Opopeo and a few more places like the lake Z. The numbers may have been from a Mexico fact sheet that has not been updated to modern standards like Wiki.
Not sure why the whitewash, I had saved the writing from awhile ago, and finally posted it, maybe it is a timing issue?

Steve Cotton said...

I was introduced to the joys of pawn shops by my grandfather. When I was young, the seedy shops in Portlanmd seemed like Aladdin's treasure cave. I can only imagine what lies in store at Las Vegas shops.

Tancho said...

Yes they were kind of seedy, in SF they were on 6th street, which was south of Market and in a two block area. Now they are really nice places to visit. I have seen a few in Vegas and they almost look like boutiques. Not the places we remember. I would occasionally go there to get good deals on tools and audio equipment in the old days when you still wanted individual components....