Sunday, May 09, 2010

Beautiful Lakeside getaway

Sundays are quiet, nothing gets done around the house and if the weather is good it's our day for lunch away.
What options do we have?

Not too many, I'm afraid.

That's because we don't want to stand in front of a Taco or Marisco stand on the plaza. We have found that only 20 minutes away feels like another state.

The state of tranquility.

And the food is basic, good and cheap.

Where else can you get a couple of Negro Modelos, and a full plate including beans, a small salad and the main dish along with a basket of freshly hand made tortillas for 10 bucks. ( For Two )

Not including the tip of course, but remember a tip in Mexico is not expected or part of your mortgage payment like in the states.

We do give 2 pesos to the duo of kids that claim that they will watch our car in the parking lot. I'm sure they would watch your car for nothing since they watch all cars in the parking lot.

I wonder if they would do anything if something happened?

I somehow think that if something did happen after you entered into a contract with them to watch your vehicle, they would run away, so that you wouldn't expect them to make good on the claim....... so I still figure that it's worth to be part of the spread the wealth program!

But Sunday we feel benevolent, after all we did wake up on another day....many people did not.

Our "little get out of Dodge hideaway", can be gotten to in several ways. One is a nice scenic sojourn through 3 communities, two small and one tiny.

Or for about a buck we can take the nice superhighway and shave off about 10 minutes.

For that buck I can buy another beer and enjoy the weaving through trees, cobblestone roads and let a handful of zealous drivers pass me on the road.

Sundays sometimes are a day for plaza family watching. Lots of families exit their abodes, dawn on their Sunday going to meeting clothes and head to town. We do something like that be don't have special duds, and since every other day is a Sun day, I'll let them enjoy their special day!

Sundays are special since with all this lallygagging I don't have to make lunch either.
And if we time it just right, lunch will carry us over and dinner will lack any big production. Maybe just a small fruit salad or warmed up sweet tamal.

As we sit at our lakefront vista, it starts to fill up by 2:30.....
Based on how the stilts look that carry the load of the room, and the weight that is starting to enter, I think it would be wise for us to start thinking of paying our tab and moseying to our chariot for the trip back home.
Maybe one final detour on our way home, perhaps an cool cup of rich ice cream from one of our world famous ice cream vendors that anchor the west portals of the big plaza.
The again maybe it's not worth the traffic which may be there, luckily we now have a satellite vendor from the big plaza selling some flavors down in our little colonia.

A trip to the big plaza, in the big town will have to wait for another day....


Jerry L said...

And where is this getaway?

Don Cuevas said...

Yes; Location and name, plese?
What exactly, did you have to eat, and how do you rate it?
Thanks for telling the cost.

Actually, the location would sound suspiciously like a restaurant on Lake Zirahuen, but the mention of the portales throws out that theory.

Yesterday, we ate at home. More details in a while, perhaps.

Don Cuevas

Felipe said...

What Jerry said.

Tancho said...

Well Jerry, Now what I don't need is a pilgrimage of sorts to popularize this location. That would ruin the possibilities of it being a quiet getaway?
Sr, Cuevas you are more perceptive that I imagined. I no longer provide detailed reviews since your stellar restaurant and accommodation reviews have hit the screen.. I will leave that description up to the professionals. like yourself...And the story is about a trip, not necessary only one town.

Oh Felipe, your investigative skills need to be kept alive, that is why there were sufficient details dropped for the puzzle.

Steve Cotton said...

I, for one, enjoy the Poirot tone of the piece. Let the mystery thrive.

Tancho said...

Occasionally Steve we need something to challenge our deduction genes, Critical thinking was common for our generation, presently it is hard to find with our NOW generation. Seems everything was spelled out for them.

Don Cuevas said...

Tanco wrote:
"Sr, Cuevas you are more perceptive that I imagined. "

Well! You didn't know that already? I'm hurt.

The "restaurant" is, IMO, an imaginary mash-up between a lakeside restaurant at Zirahuen and sitting under the Portal Hidalgo at P√°tzcuaro. Or, it is possible that the ice cream stop is Eronga. The part about the optional toll road is what still puzzles me.

Tancho YOU are the one who has encouraged, nay, NOODGED me to write restaurant reviews with qualifying stars and crossed forks. Now YOU won't do it? Is that fair????

Don Cuevas

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Hmmm. Looks like Lago Z to me. Come on buddy, spill the frijoles. Another hint, perhaps.

Tancho said...

Well we started the trip and had lunch in Zirahuen, then on the way home it's the famous ice cream at the road between town and Los Tanques, they sell it out of the back of a pick up now!
And Sr. Cuevas, you do such a stellar job at reviews, I wouldn't think of encroaching on your professional skills.