Saturday, June 05, 2010

My prayers have been answered!

I have lived somewhat frugally for years, but now it seems that I will have no longer have to worry about where funds will come from!

This afternoon I received notification and I wanted to share it with you!

The email notice was: Congratulations!

UK NATIONAL LOTTERY E-MAIL BALLOT AWARD 2010! Your email address has won £500,000.00GBP ONLY. This was as a result of our 2010 E-Mail Ballot Award. Contact Dr Steve Wilson for payment: Indicate your names,country, Address, ID Card Proof.and phone number. Payment details will be sent to you. Winning Number:9-6-1-6-0-9-8 Batch Number: 8056490911/858 Reference Number:UK/HW47509/2010 Mrs Faith David, Financial Director. Copyright © 2010 UK National Lottery! All rights reserved!

Now before you tell me that it is a hoax, let me prove to you that it isn't.
It didn't come from Nigeria!
After all everyone know that the UK Lottery is totally above board!

I already sent the response to them, telling them how excited I was and thanking them!

I just can't wait!


Steve Cotton said...

I wonder if Dr. Steve does a bit of surgery on the side? I know I do.

Don Cuevas said...

Tancho wrote:

"I have lived somewhat frugally for years"

—Don Cuevas blows coffee out his nose and onto the laptop, while laughing uncontrollably—


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha,Please save some for me!
Your long time reader.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Wait! I think I got an email from Dr. Steve too, better go check...

Tancho said...

Steve: You are a man of many talents, being a surgeon of words is very obvious!

Sr, Cuevas......I hope you were not sitting in front of your NEW laptop at that moment in time....and didn't wake up La Senora at the time!

Anon, of course, I hope there is enough after the handling fees...

Jerry L said...

You lucky guy!
Now you will be able to enjoy life, retire, live where you want.

bob in exile said...

Hey...wait a minute.... I won the same lottery !!!!

Tancho said...

Tell you what Bob in Exile, you go ahead and take this one, I just won another one, got my email today!