Saturday, June 12, 2010

Once you see it , it's too late!

This is something that I haven't seen too many of in Michoacan, so when I saw this my first thought was:

Halved coconuts for Sale
Mickey Mouse up ahead

I can't remember which one was first........well, that wouldn't be truthful. For some reason that sign is more popular on the coast. Must be that visitors wind up flying up with their car to meet the coconuts as they trek down the road at 60 .

I have learned the hard way to look for them. Some pueblos get sneaky. They paint them the same color as the road. The better ones will paint them white, at least giving you a change to slam on the breaks.

Not sure what would do more damage. All the stuff catapulting into the front seat and floor or bouncing up about 2 feet.

Now the really poor pueblos, simply paint the road with white stripes, like they are imaginary topes.

That works for me about 90 % of the time.

I wonder what they did with their allotment of asphalt......?


Calypso said...

Over here the topes are abundant and nerve rattling - many are undocumented. No signs or markings what so ever.

And I miss them being here on the wide, flat highways of the U.S.

Back soon!

Tancho said...

I hope your having fun in Vegas! But please don't leave the stories behind like they say......
I think I would rather have the topes too, instead of the cameras that simply take your picture and send you a big fat expensive ticket like in Arizona........

Jerry L said...

My first and only time driving in Mexico was enough. My auto-sailing episode was received with laughter by bystanders as the car sailed about 3 ft into the air. The kids in the back seat seemed to enjoy it. We have "dips" in the road that cause more damage I think.