Monday, April 25, 2011

Let there be light!

One thing that we didn't think would be a big deal when we designed the house 15+ years ago was the amount of light in the kitchen.

The kitchen is fairly large, includes a big restaurant type stove, with deep fryer, gas grill, oven, the whole shebang.

From time to time I give some cooking classes here, so I wanted it big.

But what happened is that it was dark.
Dark kitchen costs a lot to light up.

So, we decided to add two skylights to the kitchen, but based on how much light the one brings in so far, we may opt for two more on the North side, perhaps next year...we'll see how two work out. Maybe two will be sufficient.

So today the workers showed up to penetrate the roof.

Hopefully they will finish before a downpour occurs, the clouds are getting a tad dark.

We'll show you the finished result next week.


Steve Cotton said...

Easter and light. Good combination.

Tancho said... are a genius! Never thought of it that way....

JerryL said...

Hope it doesn't rain.

Anonymous said...

Good to do before the rainy season really starts. Restaurant-style stove? Why am I not surprised? Must be sweet.

-- Felipe

Calypso said...

Oh boy a construction project! Hope you get some detail (installation) photos. Would like to see the kitchen and that stove too - we LOVE those commercial stoves.

Tancho said...

Jerry and Felipe, we hesitated until the last minute, but I was tired of having the lights on most of the day. It's daytime damn it, so now we will have natural light bestowing upon us, so to speak.

Calypso, I love contruction projects sort of, we waited until we found the kind of skylights we needed, not a easy thing down here.
The first thing we bought even before the house was finished years ago was the stove, glad I did, last time I saw it at the restaurant supply it had gone up in price 3 times from when we purchased it in 1995. Says something for inflation...

Nancy said...

Very cool! Our house in Washington had 15 skylights -- really fantastic with so many overcast and rainy days... once a year we had the window cleaners come and clean them all - when the alder trees blew their pollen all over they became a mess.

Your kitchen sounds fabulous, how about a tour when the work gets done?

Tancho said...

After having two open holes in the roof, seeing the nice natural light that I had to pay CFE for all these years, makes me pretty sure I am going to get two more.
It will have to wait I think until next year, since the rains are just about to start.
You are not the first to ask about the tour, I will do it, as soon as the kitchen is finished and cleaned up!