Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

As I rounded the corner I sensed that there was something wrong. Usually at 9 AM the plaza streets are somewhat filled with cars, car wash guys with their plastic buckets which will wash your car, all the normal stuff you see.

Not today.

On 3 sides of the big plaza there were no parked cars.

Across the streets there were no parked cars.

I was lucky to find a space for the Tracker, since it is small and tiny I usually take that to go shop. As I was walking to the market, several large van trucks pulled up and parked.
On my return a hour later, there were lights, generators, catering trucks, wardrobe vans, and a handfull of police blowing their wistles at anyone who even looked like they were going to park on the sides of the plaza.


They had already assemble several camera dollies, lots of reflectors and cables, lights and other associated stuff.

The reflectors were set up to illuminate Don Vasco, the Statue, The Man, The Center of the Plaza Grande.
I asked the policeman what they were shooting and he said a movie or TV......

No Kidding.

I could have figured that out.

So, I got out of there before the traffic really got bad and more crouds gather on the side streets to gazed at Mexicowood......

It was kind of interesting to see no cars parked around the plaza in the middle of the day. never have seen that in all the years around here.
There is always a first....


JerryL said...

On our last holiday in Patzcuaro about 3 years ago they were filming something also, at the 11 patios and on the street below the college. The town is very photogenic!

Steve Cotton said...

Did you ever get the Rona scoop on what was happening?

Felipe said...

If you'd headed downtown 24 hours later, you would have run into me and my lovely child bride nibbling muffins on a plaza bench.

Steve: P√°tzcuaro is often used as a backdrop for movies and TV soaps.

Tancho said...

Jerry, as Felipe says there have been many films and novellas shot in this cute little Colonial town, there is even a famous Nestle's coffee commercial which is on Youtube done a couple of years ago.
Steve, as always if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers, so we will wait awhile and see what the reel (lol) facts are....
Felipe, too bad you will not be able to enjoy the quiet, sans auto plaza for your hot coffee and muffins this morning, it had a nice atmosphere.