Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smoke gets in my eyes......

One negative thing about living in the forest, is the risk of fire.
The property adjoining ours was clear cut by talamontes last year and we had to clean up all the brush on our fence line after them because of the risk of fire.
Yesterday about 4 in the afternoon I saw some smoke from the south. It was also a little windy so in about 15 minutes we could see that we needed to do something about it.
Our ranch-hand jumped the fence with his machete and started to keep the fire on the other side of the dividing roadway that bisects that parcel.
Brave man,
I stood at the fence line and could hardly breathe. After about an hour it looked like it was sort of out, but still a lot of smoke was still wafting through the air.
I was ready to call the bomberos but he said he though he would have it licked.
A machete and a branch with leaves on it was all he used.
Last night the house was filled somewhat with the residual smoke, making it a little difficult to fall asleep real fast.
This morning, all is clear, just waiting for the sun to pop out from behind the trees for another great day.


Calypso said...

It is burning season - which is to say more smoke than normal - because there is some burning going on all the time round here.

Who needs cigarettes - jut take in deep breaths and enjoy the smoky flavor. ;-(

Steve Cotton said...

My brother has a ranch in the Bend area. So, I share your concern about fire. Great hand to do what he did.

1st Mate said...

That guy deserves a raise! Or at least a bonus. Or a cerveza...

Tancho said...

Yep, it is burning season, I counted about 4 other fires in the hills on my way back up the hill.
He is a great hand, we bought him a six pack and couple of pollo rostisados for him and his family.
No raises.....we are on a fixed income don't forget!

norm said...

Good help is hard to find, you're a lucky guy. The man knows that if the house burns, his job with you may go with it-it was good that you sent him home with a little extra.

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived. Now, what's a talamonte?

-- Felipe

Tancho said...

Felipe, A Talamonte is the person who under the cover of darkness, cuts the trees illegally.