Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mustard with that?

We don't wind up in town too much in the evening. I don't know if it is the fear that some driver who has had one or two six packs for the road will careen into us, but most of my near misses have always been after 6PM.

Maybe it's because a lot of the stores are closed and there is really nothing worth while to come down to the plaza for, unless one is waiting for La Senora to finish her appointment.

It was our anniversary last week and one of the gifts that I gave her was a massage at a local health joint.

It is kind of a funny looking place, you walk in there and there are thousands of bottles filled with every conceivable remedy for whatever ails you.

You got diabetes, they have the cure, you can't fall asleep , they have a tea, you look ugly they have a salve you can put on your face, and if you want to relax and have a burly 300 lb ex Navy mechanic rub your muscles, they could probably find one.

Luckily she had a elderly woman rub her silly. I guess.

I wasn't sure what I would do, I knew that the massage would take two hours, so do I go home and return or just hang around and wait.

Since we live about 10 minutes away and if she called me when her session was over, she would have to wait until I returned, I opted to wait around.

Finding a parking space on the corner, I perched myself to observe a typical evening in town.
Between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30 this is what I was able to observe.

Customers do not frequent the atole cart very often. In two hours only one person actually bought one. Not a good night for the owner/operator I would think, but then again I don't know how much it costs to keep the atole hot.

The at 7:45 a taxi pick up truck pulled up to the corner dragging a hot dog cart with operator. The owner wrestled the cart of the trailer hitch and with profound experience shoved it up the sidewalk to his evening corner.

Within about 10 minutes there was a group of hungry clients waiting for him to finish. For the remained of my wait time, which was about 45 minutes he filled no less that 25orders.

Much better than the Atole stand.............


Steve Cotton said...

Have you thought of joining her for a joint massage?

I wouldn't. For me, there is just something incredibly creepy about a stranger rubbing my parts.

Tancho said...

Steve, I think that couples massage is something not widely available unless you are in a expensive resort of sorts...
Creepy?..I guess it would depend on exactly what parts they are rubbing....
I have had great massages at nice resorts, but they can become addictive relaxing.

JerryL said...

25 orders of hamburgers is not a bad income for that night.
Great night photo.

Calypso said...

Have you thought of giving the massage yourself - maybe with some scented candles, mellow music and soft light ;-) Then one of those happy endings (finishes?)

Congratulations on the anniversary!

Tancho said...

Thanks Jerry, the guy does a landmark business, gives me an idea for a business.....not.
Calypso, we do that at home probably not enough, like we use to years ago, but a good suggestion, thanks!
The gift massage was to have her check out what the rest of the holistic voodoo place was all about.
She said she would not go back, so that kind of sums it up!
I will surprise her, with the scented candles and music one of these weekend nights, thanks for the suggestion!

Leslie Limon said...

I was going to suggest that you and your wife should give eachother a massage, but I see that Calypso already beat me to it! :)

Tancho said...

Thank you Leslie, we do but not often enough...but it's time to go back to doing things we did years ago, no matter how corny they may be now....We try and go on dates now and then, but it's a little hard in this little town, that's why we try to make a lot of side trips, like mini vacations.

Don Cuevas said...

Tancho, is that holistic place the one where the Dra. therapist uses an clothes iron in the first part of the massage?

Steve, if you think it's creepy, you shouldn't have one. I've had massages ranging from excruciating pain to "get me the hell out of here", to bliss.

Another excellent massage therapist is Ulises. He will come to your home with his portable table. Of course, that costs a little more. Tancho, you can often find him down by the hippie beads place on the Plaza Grande. Not far from Felipe's favorite cafecito source.

I would take atole de grano any night over Mexican hot dogs.

Don Cuevas

Anonymous said...

Downtown is very pretty at night, specially the Plaza Grande.

To Señor Cotton: Clearly, you have never received a professional massage. Were you to do so, you would be hooked.

I am a genuine certified massage therapist, so you can come to the Ranchito for a good workover next visit to Pátzcuaro. Free to you. What? No way?

-- Felipe