Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our first rain, or what do you call it?

Precisely at 3:4 PM5 the first scatter drops hit the pavement, my wife chortled me by saying you are imagining it.
Then it started a little heavier,
Now it is raining good enough to move all the lawn furnture out of the rain, the brown dry earth can certainly use it.

There are some who said it wouldn't rain for another 2 months.

But then again some people live in the low lands.

You decide......


JerryL said...

Just looks like a heavy mist, rain is when you can't see the other side of the patio.

Calypso said...

Nice patio! Rain what's that? We are heading back to Xico soon - there we know plenty about rain ;-)

Dan in NC said...

Tancho, there is something nice and calming about a gentle rain that does the soul and the earth good. As long as it comes in slowly and then departs fairly swiftly.... Our rain yesterday was a "frog drown-er" and fell left to right. Here's hoping yours is like a good friend, stays for a chat and tea, then leaves before the scones get hard. Lovely photo!
Dan in NC

Don Cuevas said...

We had a a light shpritz over here in the lowlands. Our climate seems drier than up in the Tancho Altos or than even in Pátzcuaro.

But, it was a rain, nevertheless. We look forward to more.

Tancho; it's good to see you posting more frequently. Maybe that would encourage me.

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Jerry, yes we get rain like that here too, but those downpours are usually in August and September.
Calypso...what's the matter you don't want 99% humidity and rain at the same time?
Dan, yesterday was the first rain, it is hard to describe, but the smell of the water hitting the dusty roof tiles, the crispy blades of grass and weeds, bring forth a smell that I always seem to enjoy.
I am a fan of rain, to a point, and especially if I can look outside and watch it, now and then.
As long as you don't combine rain and gray skies that last for 6 months, like in the NorthWest, I can tolerate it quite well.
The shpritz, as you call it, was eventful up here, so it was indeed something for me to write about. The only reason I have posted so much is that I have had a head cold for the last 4 or 5 days which prevents me from wandering out and about, so to speak. Kindle and computer time is abundant.

Anonymous said...

This was a fluke. We got a brief shower, but I hear it poured quite a bit in downtown Pátzcuaro.

No matter. The rainy season does not start the first week of April. That would cancel Springtime altogether.

-- Felipe

Nancy said...

Over here in Mazatlán we are hoping for an early rainy season. It hasn't rained a drop here since mid September!

Usually rainy season here starts on June 24. I mean that is the usual day, can you imagine? And the summer hot and humid weather usually breaks on November 7.

I still have a little time to get around to doing the caulking and fix-ups noticed during the last rainy season... I mean, why hurry?

I love your patio, by the way.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

I am soooo jealous! HOWEVER, having said that, today is a new day. Thunder, lots of it, rain in Ajijic (washing away the sins of all those snotty gringos), but alas only drops here in Joco. Nothing I would even remotely call rain. . .hope springs eternal tho.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Si, nice patio!!! Nice setting too!