Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Things you can do with Nopalitos....

I love nopalitos, in a marinated salad, as a warm side dish with rice possibly, there are tons of reciepes for using Nopalitos.

But this is not our recipe site, if you want reipes you can go to: Rancho Canyon Cookbook, here we talk about stuff mostly unrelated to much of anything.....As Jerry Seinfeld promoted his TV show, he said it was only about Stuff.

Our Nopalito stuff sits in one corner of our kitchen, we purchased this before the house was even finished, We saw it in a store in Tlaquepaque and we just had to have it.

It is our breakfast or lunch table, sometimes dinner too, the informal table.

We have a formal dining room table with massive chairs, that will sit about a dozen people.
We don't use it unless we have guests over for dinner.

But our Cactus table is used almost every day.

I have never seen another one in all my visits to stores so it may be an only child.
The only reason I am mentioning it , is because when anyone comes over to the house they always comment on it.

The only thing is that you can touch and sit on this chair. I wouldn't recommend sitting on the real Nopales. Could be a sticking situation....


Anonymous said...

that's the most unique table and chair set i've ever seen. i can understand why you "had to have it".

teresa in lake stevens

Anonymous said...

Nifty-looking table and chairs. Doesn't look too comfy, however. I suppose I am mistaken.

-- Felipe

Tancho said...

Teresa, it is unique and a conversation piece.
Felipe, it is fairly comfortable considering most Mexican furniture is not, the arm rests are nice and wide, so one thing , your arm doesn't fall off.

nwexican said...

Beautiful artistic piece. Also, noticed in the background a little gray faced daschund. I blew the picture up to show my wife and she about cried. We are also a wiener family. Thank you for sharing.

Tancho said...

Hi Nwexican, thanks for stopping by, yep, we are a wiener dog household too!
Now we are down to two, Taz the one you see in the picture, he is dapple and has one grey eye and one brown one. He is almost 15, we at one time had 4 of them running around, we also have a 2 year old red long hair called Daisy.
Great little foot warmers.......kind of temperamental and territorial....