Friday, June 17, 2011

And the savings just keep on coming....

Since we participated in the paint sale at Comex, we grabbed a new color for one of the kitchen walls.

My wife wanted to match the color of our stove backsplash, trying to match the color of the tiles.
Painting the one kitchen wall was going to be a easy job, (they are all easy jobs since I only critique and supervise somewhat) the one wall took only one day and he finished it up, with the aide of a halogen work light, since I didn't want to save a small section to drag out another day.

I hate it when there are workers in and around the house. We use to have a housekeeper that hovered around in the background, but my wife seemed to micromanage her, so we gave up that luxury.

Actually my wife gave up the luxury, I thought it was kind of nice to have the floor dusted insistently.....

Anyway, we enjoy the quiet and solitude of being at home alone, I don't mind having the workers around the ranch for the animals and day to day operation, but solace at home is after all the whole point of trying to tolerate them "Golden Years".

And besides I read much better without interruption.


JerryL said...

purple, orange, yellow, what no crimson red?

Steve Cotton said...

I know what you mean about desiring solitude. My current rental seems to have people in the yard or the house almost every day of the week. I just live as if no one else is there. That has led to several incidents of red faces -- but never mine.

Tancho said...

Sorry Jerry, not a red wall in the house...A couple of green ones though.
Steve, even my Mexican friends hate it when workers are in their homes working on projects. But they do like people around outside, go figure.