Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How we save money in Patzcuaro

Our wall in our living room was a nice golden color, the original color since when we built the house years ago.

Comex the Walmart of paint suppliers in Mexico, and it was having a sale last month. A friend happened to mention this while LaSenora was listening.

Wrong thing to do.

"Go down to the store and get paint for the walls" was her request.

Well, it's really didn't have the request tone in her voice, more like a directive.

I am the one who always seems to think that the status quo is fine. Well it is fine for me, Just not fine for La Senora.

Later, I always seem to agree with her that her action was indeed a good decision. It just seems that my acceptability quotient of life is a few points below hers.

Maybe that's why she married such a stellar guy, you think?

Anyway, down to the paint store we go. I have long ago figured out that it is simply much easier to agree with her in her selection of a color.

If I happen to like a different color, it is still better to choose the one she's called compromise.

After all there are more important things that I must make decisions on, like what size pipe to purchase or should I get the more powerful Impact Drill or simply get the bigger one with the larger chuck size......

She, wouldn't dare even step into that department, so agreeing with a shade of color seems pretty minimal.........

Anyway we purchase the paint, new rollers, a few small brushes and pay the clerk.

Since there are no free lunches in Mexico the sale of the century is simply that if you buy 4 liters of paint they will throw in one for free.
I said, "Oh, a 20% discount? to the clerk, and was immediately corrected,'s you buy 4 and get one free.

So, one gallon for the new colored wall in the living room, another one for the new wall color in the Kitchen, and a 5 gallon bucket for the outside of the house.

The outside is also getting a new color called Hacienda Rojo....not that it needed new paint, simply a new color.
Don't forget "Change is Good" I am told, and indeed from my thousands of pesos, I did receive very little Change......but now we will have spiffy new colors in two rooms and on the exterior of the house.
Our hand's eyes lit up as we returned home and he unloaded the paint. He likes painting........better than digging and stuff, or tending to the animals..
Gives him a chance to show his brush panache, I suppose.

And in the end, having a new color will cause my eyes to focus on the wall, something which is good since my eyes need all the exercise they can get.
Compromise is a good thing........


Felipe said...

Copycat! My house exterior is hacienda rojo and has been for years.

That interior wall is lilac. My, my. Purty.

Tancho said...

Oh Crap, now I will never hear the end of it!
For some reason we had a "special" mix of a color before, and because of the "sale", she picked something close. I am sure it will fade back in a year or two anyway.
Lilac? Looks fuchsia to me... the old color was fine for me.

JerryL said...

That color would take a little getting use to.
But not in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

morada, violeta, o purpura? The difference has never been clear...

1st Mate said...

The lilac is good, very restful. I've been thinking about painting an accent wall or two for months, I just can't decide what color(s). I have a great excuse: I did all the walls white in 2009, and now I'm seeing spots where the old yellow shows through. But I go to the paint store and I'm dazzled by all the choices. I know a woman with a very small place who just did each wall a different eye-popping color: lime green, papaya, screaming yellow... stimulating, but not restful.

Tancho said...

As always I get grumpy because I think that what we have is fine, but after seeing the new color for a few days, I know that we needed a new accent color. One wall in the kitchen is next.....
1st Mate, I would think that in your hot country white would almost be an requirement, like the Greek Isles....but some color would be nice too, if it doesn't work out the nice thing is that you simply paint over it!

Don Cuevas said...

We need to have the interior of our house painted. Can you give us an estimate?

Don Cuevas

Tancho said...

Sr. Cuevas, are you going to compensate me with Pizzas? Our ranch-hand does the inside painting for us, so I have no idea what normal labor out on the market would be, I would assume somewhere around $100 USD per week of work, give or take.
I am sure that the market varies abound, I would hesitate allowing anyone inside the house unless you or LaSenora were there all the time, and then I would still have some concern....