Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Americans need doom and gloom

As we are getting ready to head back south ( thank God ) I am looking at the stress levels of me and of the people around me. My stress while in Mexico is next to nothing. The biggest worry is if I am going to get down to the mercado early enough to get some nice lettuce from the Indian ladies sitting on the concrete hawking their bounty.

We are going to one last wedding today and getting the hell out of Dodge.

This weekend is the 10th anniversary of 911 and looking back at a few things that I have noticed, I just wanted to vent, so here goes.

First of all was the panic overreaction of the govmint. We now are saddled with in Department of Homeland Security which is questionable in it's effectiveness. We are also saddled with body cavity searches which frisk grandma , making her take off her diapers, Make granpa remove his colostomy bag and for real fun touch 6 year little Suzie, which would otherwise have any normal person immediately arrested for child molestation all in the name of "feel good" security.

The other observation which just happened a few weeks ago is the media frenzy.

What I am talking about is what President Obama himself proclaimed as a "historic hurricane". At the same time we can lump together the "earthquake" in Virginia that had reporters scouring for buildings and national monuments in the eastern states for the slightest crack so they could plaster it on the leading story.
Of course, they started weaving a doomsday scenarios as various networks talked about temblors, falling buildings and tsunamis with minute by minute comparisons to the earthquakes in Japan and Indonesia.

Meanwhile the "storm of the century" with FEMA being called out, had not much more impact than what people in Florida classified as "mild" storm which Floridians see every year.

Yes, I know you can't be too careful nowadays, but what happened to this lady on a routine flight on 9/11 is way, unbelievable. Check out the story on my other blog This and That.

What happened to taking care of ones one self? Why can't you yourself have some water, flashlights, food and reading material? Ok, if whole communities get wiped out it's nice to have FEMA come help, but what really helped before was communities banding together and helping themselves. In my eyes it seems that everyone now expects the govmint to help everybody.
From paying for the cellphones to providing food and shelter for months and years. Then when they want to take away the trailers or temporary housing the people get pissed off.
Something is wrong....where did the mass of people get so reliant on the govmint that they cannot take care of themselves anymore.
Why do we need constant bombardment of terrorism stories that are nothing on the news, do we need to paint such a bleak picture that everyone wants to surrender to the govmint?
I guess so........
That's my rant for today.......hopefully!


Anonymous said...

When I run for president (not anytime soon) my platform will be INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Take care of yourself to the best of your ability, get help when you need it from friends, family, neighbors (and church if it works for you). Then when all else fails the govmint will be there for you. I will probably get about six votes.

Jerry L said...

You are so right. We live in Florida and understand nature and it's power. We are always prepared because we know that you can only rely on yourself or close neighbors. If you rely on the government like so many other people do, and only know that way, you get screwed and wind up bitching that the government didn't do enough.
We no longer watch TV News, it has been a joke for the last decade or so.

Anonymous said...

I live in a remote mountain town in that 3rd world country of California. We all know our neighbors and help each other out. We believe in being prepared and taking care of our families and our community.
Nature stirs up trouble from time to time. Flooding our canyon road, snow storms, and fires. We do have a fire department but no police Living here you must be self reliant and prepared. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Jackie Martinez

Calypso said...

Rant on my brother!