Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Road Goes On Forever

"The Road Goes On Forever" are the lyrics to a favorite song that The Highwaymen did. For those of you who haven't heard of the group, they did 3 albums. The group consisted of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

Ahhh, now you know the group.

We are off the road and back to almost normal from some travels. It's nice to be home, but it was interesting to be on the road for a bit. It seems that the road gets longer each time we get on it for some reason.

Anyway in a nutshell, I am super glad that the temperature right now is 68 degrees at 7 in the evening. It got all the way up to about 78 yesterday and there was some rain today. During the drive we saw temp in the 110 range and on the coast 80's with humidity that was way too hot for comfort.

Funny how the humidity sure makes a difference.

What we did notice is that the army is out in force more than before, but we didn't get delay by any roadside checkpoints.

We got the green light at the first checkpoint and it was pretty smooth sailing the rest of the way. We did notice that the prices have increased on a few of the autopistas, but still are a great deal considering the quality of the roads and speed available.

We brought down a new satellite receiver which we will be working on in the next week or so. The receiver will use our old C band dish and has about 200 channels on one satellite, digital and has US programming.

We quit using the C Band dish about 9 or 10 years ago and now there are a few trees in the way which have grown up in line to the satellite we need to steer it to, so first we cut down a few 40 ft trees and then we can work on aiming the dish.

If anyone has on old C Band dish and want digital service let me know and I can put you in touch with the information on the service.


Calypso said...

A C Band antenna - you have been here a while ;-).

I would like the info - I have a 42" inch dish I was using for tv channels a couple years ago - just sitting - Not as big as a "C" bander however.

Welcome home btw - we missed you. But enjoyed your pithy comments from Amerika ;-)

Tancho said...

Thanks, it's nice to be home! We've been back for awhile, but I haven't been to inspired to write. Maybe now returning to the normal grove the keyboard will get used again.
42" dish will probably not have sufficient gain especially down here to pick much up except the birds that are designed for CA and SA coverage. There are tons of Free To Air KU band channels around which that dish would work fine.
Maybe I will do a story on that upcoming if there is some interest.
Lots of time you can find old abandoned BUD ( Big Ugly Dishes ) as they are called and people will give them away just for you taking them down.

jerryL said...

Missed the reports, glad y'r back!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Bienveniiiiiiiidos! Glad you made it safely, looking forward to your musings again.
How do you know those guys were the military. . .?

Steve Cotton said...

Nice to have you back in country. Now, I will need to come over your way to meet you. I doubt you would like the humidity here for the next month.

Tancho said...

Thanks all ! I am glad that we are back, sound and safe.
Marilyn, I figured they were army from the uniforms that they had, which on second thought could be purchased at any surplus store in the US.....At this point you don't have any idea who the good guys are anymore, based on stories we have head in the last few days.

I was sorry that we missed you, some on by for the DoD, got a spare room here for you!
You are right, on our trip I didn't spend much time outside in the toasty roasty humidity. 90 to 100+ with humidity is not fun, at least not for me. It's 68 right now.....nice an pretty dry too!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Tancho, a local cop buddy told me the other day that you can separate the good cops/feds/military from the bad merely by the type of armament they are carrying. Forget about the uniforms, patches, or badges. Bad cops/feds/military carry AK47s and the good guys don't. So if you encounter a 'military' checkpoint full of guys in military gear and cammo sporting AK47s beware.