Saturday, October 01, 2011

Man's best friend.....

You were probably thinking it was one of my dogs.....
Ok, how about man's second best friend.

Today we drove over to Uruapan for me to check out the brand new Home Depot store.

What's the big deal, you already have a Home Depot in Morelia.

No, that really isn't the same.

That store was actually built as a HomeMart store, and size and inventory wise doesn't' hold a candle to the new store in Uruapan.

Previously my only other experience to Home Depot stores was in Mazatlan where we would stop and buy up stuff needed, or sometimes even not needed.

But today it was different. First of all because the had all their Christmas stuff out already and you could park within 30 meters of the front door.
Somthing which is impossible at the Morelia store unless you get there around Midnight when the store is closed.

Small store, small parking lot, shared with WalMart and a whole bunch of other stores. And going to Morelia from Patzcuaro is longer than us going to Uruapan.

Anyway the new Uruapan store was stocked to the gill with inventory. The bins were full of pretty much all their inventory items. That is something I seldom see in Morelia.

If I want 3, 3/4 inch hose bibs in Morelia, they usually will only have one and usually the same is true for other items that I am looking for.

Not enough concrete wall anchors of a particular size or 3 of a shelf bracket that I need 8 of.
Here the bins were all full.

And I didn't need anything today.

Story of my life.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing modern commerce spread through Mexico.

Tancho said...

I'll be writing about the new mall in Uruapan soon also, nice looking place.

Calypso said...

A hardware store - the modern day men's club!

We have a Home Depot in Xalapa (about 12 miles from the Casita). How far is the new Depot?

Tancho said...

Calypso, the only thing missing is cold beer and a few comfy chairs and life would be so grand....jeje.
It is about 22 miles to Uruapan with no traffic ever, going to Morelia is about 28 with lots of traffic most of the time.
So, I think my ventures are going to be going West....go West...young man....

Steve Cotton said...

Home Depot. If only a Fry's would open down here.

1st Mate said...

Yes! I'd almost rather have a Home Depot here in Guaymas than a Costco, and that's saying a lot. I know it will be a challenge for the local ferreterias, but hopefully it'll raise their standards, which could use a little boosting.

Tancho said...

Steve, if you had a Fry's you would have no reason to head NOB, ever...

Tancho said...

We have a local ferreteria in Patzcuaro that would be the envy of many places including Home Depot's hardware department. All the other neighboring ferreterias never appear to worry of having any kind of inventory, since a customer isn't that worried about finishing any project. That is unless the customer is a Gringo.... Then there is some semblance of completion of the job.

Calypso said...

We have a Costco, Office Max, Sam's Club, Superrama and Home Depot all with blocks of one another.

Today we made the 25 mile round trip to Home Depot - I think this Blog entry gave me the extra push. Sunday is a good day to drive through Xalapa - less traffic.

The parking lot was near full, as was the store - no wonder the traffic was light - they were all at the Depot!

Ours is a young Home Depot, less than two years old I think. It took a while for it to catch on here.
Now it is well stocked, well lighted and popular.

We bought a pedestal sink for the beach house and some packing tape. But, we also went to Sam's and Superrama.
So you inspired us to spend pesos and hang-out in the 'Men's Club' (except with the mujer faithfully tagging along ;-)


Don Cuevas said...

I always get confused and lost in even the Morelia Home Depot.

Do they give out maps at Customer Service?

Don Cuevas

PS: it's further downhill to U than it is to M, so you must take into account how much gasoline you are burning.