Monday, October 31, 2011

Another year, another Katrina

I can remember vividly last year the people and the rain overflowing the sidewalks during the DOD celebrations and market.

I usually don't go into town on Sundays but yesterday being an exceptionally nice day, mid 80's and hearing that there were lots of merchants at the plaza I decided to break my rules and go.

Traffic was backed up as I expected, I inched my way down towards the plaza figuring that I would find a parking space within a few blocks, but luck would have it I car pulled out just as I was mid block at the plaza.

Must have been in the cards to venture down to check things out I figured.

Walking around the plaza and looking at the vendors I noticed that this year there were many more vendors than last year and about 25 % more than two years ago.

If you remember two years ago it was just about that time that the papers were full of stories of violence and killings and the economy was not stellar.

This year there were a lot of people, vendors squeezed where they have never had tables before and the one street that is blocked off for the artists and jewelry was packed with so many vendors that it was difficult to walk past them without almost stepping on their display blankets which were covered with their wares.

I spoke to a few of the vendors and they all were pretty happy with the amount of people and sales that they were experiencing.

There were plenty of new vendors which I have not seen in past years and plenty of old time ones that have occupied the same location for many seasons.

One thing which was different again this year, only being the second year is that they allowed was that a lot of food vendors were set up on one of the streets, taking up half the car lane with their carts and benches which I noticed were doing a brisk business.

Restaurants on the periphery were all busy, bringing back much needed money and business to the local economy.

All in all I would say this was the largest and most populated DOD I have seen in my 15 years of coming to the massive celebration.

I did purchase a few items from several vendors who were displaying their items for the first time at this venue.

My only criticism would be that they should have some off site parking available with shuttle service to allow more efficient flow of traffic and allow people to enjoy the event without the bottlenecks and hassles of parking.

If you haven't experienced the celebration, you should make plans to check it out someday.

I think I will by pass running into town until the crowds go home. Got plenty of stuff to do around the house.


Felipe Zapata said...

I think there have been more visitors in previous years, but I could be mistaken. In any event, I wish them well. Money is good.

Steve Cotton said...

You are a more patient man than I. Curious though I am (in the inquisitive sense of that term, not its oddball cousin), I doubt I would take a saunter through a market crowd. Unless I was buying trinkets for the stay-at-homes up north.

Tancho said...

Felipe, maybe about 5 years ago it was pretty packed, but in the last few years, this one has been the best.
Steve, I usually go early in the morning before the crowds, but yesterday I was on a mission to purchase a Christmas gift for a friend up north, which I did find. Therefore it was worth the crowds, at least for a few moments....

Anonymous said...

Hola Tancho,
It sounds as if your trip to town wasn't quite as bad as you had feared. Let's hope the rest of the festivities go as smoothly.
I'll wait 'til I'm there full time to enjoy it.
Please keep us posted.
Good Luck!

Tancho said...

AC....anytime I can find a parking space at the plaza is a good day for me.
I enjoy seeing the crowds as long as I don't get to thick in the middle.....