Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato....

Well it was time to cut the tops of the plants down. That was done yesterday.

Now they will stay in the ground, for about another 2 to 3 weeks and unless it rains everyday for the next 10 days, we will have a potato crop worthy of filling a few pickup trucks.

Last season we had cabbage in this section the season before calabasitas or zucchini squash. The land on top of our property had potatoes last and we can't plant them up there for at least two or three seasons in the same place.

Crop rotation it's called.

Hopefully since this piece of land is closer to our house we won't get hijacked like last potato season.

Someone in the middle of the night went and raided about 25 % of the crop. That equalled a full pickup truck load or more.

Our worker went up the next morning and discovered the robbery. We got a hold of the local law and they figured out who done it.

They confiscated all the potatoes, found the culprit and retrieved the pesos, we got a few pesos back and we never heard what ever happened.

Guess the law had quite a few kilos of potatoes to enjoy for a few months or more.

Strange nobody ever stole our zucchinis or cabbage....just potatoes.
Must be good taters.

Looks like zucchini will be taking that location in a few weeks, we can be certain that no one will want to steal zucchinis.

Not much different down here as it is in the body wants to steal zucchinis up there either, in fact you can't give those things away.


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Dude! What in the world do you do with all those zukes??? holy moly
Funny, about those taters, I can't believe they actually hunted them down and did all that police work. You have better law enforcement there than we have here.
So? What kind of taters did you plant???? Yukon Golds? I'd ride over to buy some of them if you did!

Tancho said...

Ride on over! they are close to them,the skin is a light beige and they are super tasty. I will find out the Mexican name for them.
we sold all the zucs, and seem to sell pretty much all the stuff we grow,including our hormone free beef. Our contact buys all our stuff because of the quality.
When the spuds are ready I'l shoot you a close up.

Felipe Zapata said...

I am quite fond of zucchini. Perhaps I would even steal them.

Steve Cotton said...

I am currently reading1493 -- a book about the effect of incorporating American discoveries into world commerce. The potato, of course, was one of the greatest agricultural contributions that America made to the global economy. You, sir, are keeping the tradition alive. May the blight not draw near your door.

jerryL said...

Ok, I gotta ask, what kind of price do the potatoes command at the market?

Calypso said...

Hard to keep the crop poachers at bay - The coffee and banana plants are always being robbed here - But the Policia seem to be watching the coffee more these days.

They also steal trees - ugh!

What price paradise?

Anonymous said...

While sad that your crop was stolen, I'm very happy that local law enforcement actually took place. Sorry about those spuds.
And you're right. One can't give away all those zucs.
good luck!