Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Almost there, I hope.

After having "the file" move from one office to another, we finally have a name of the person who is charged with settling the insurance which is now going on 60 days.
I asked for the gentleman who was handling the file but was waylayed by one more gate keeper. Before they can continue, they need some paperwork from me.

Would have been nice if they told me that up front so I could have gotten to work on it, in a less stressful environment.

First of all they want the window sticker from the car. You know the ones , the ones that are glued onto the rear passenger seat, showing what options were in the car, how much so on and so forth. I told the gatekeeper that I didn't keep that since there was no reason to anticipate that I would be rear ended and have the car totaled. "Oh, no problem, just call the selling dealer and they will be more than happy to furnish you with a copy"

Ah, ok, what else did you also need?

We need your original bill of sale, and the original registration and certificate of title.

I could now see a possible light at the end of the tunnel, but still was doubting how "easy" it would be .

Maybe it's just me but stuff like this is never a one shot get it down task. So we called the dealer and got transferred around for about 20 minutes until we conveniently got disconnected.

Well that wasn't going to stop me, since I had already experienced about 10 hours, of automated attendant and disconnections just trying to get a hold of the insurance people, what's 20 minutes after all that.

Well, maybe it would just be faster to drive to Morelia and go to the'd think? Arriving at the dealer we looked for the right person, after two attempts found the manager.

"No problem, we should be able to find that for you" Ok, that was a positive remark, until they asked how long ago did we purchase the car.

Around February of 2009 was my recollection. Oh, well that will probably be in our archives.
That was my first baseball bat whack my butt moment.

Call us in about a week or so, and we'll let you know......

Aahh, there was the hesitation and kiss off that I was waiting for, well at least it was in person and not on the phone.

So , now we are going through our files and luckily have located the registration and ownership info but now I have a little worry that is propping up.

I am wondering how much they are going to try and settle the amount for. After all the car had at least 10 thousand miles on it and it's in their best interest to save funds as much as possible.
They also were waiting for the original insurance policy from the agent we bought the insurance from.

I failed to ask if there was anything else that they needed, since I can almost guarantee that once we provide the papers they wanted they would then come up with something else that they "needed".

Looking at the policy, we had a 5000 peso deductible, so then kiss off a few 10's of thousands of pesos for the car being used, and I can feel the object getting closer to one of my body cavities for genuine discomfort.

Never mind that the car will not be able to be replaced for the amount that we probably settled for, but the inconveniences and all the hassle.

NOB, you would be able to sue someone for the inconvenience and hassle factor, here you are lucky that the insurance company even talks to you , somewhat.

So, I guess that we still have another month before I can look for purchasing a replacement vehicle.
I just wish the pickup got better mileage.


Steve Cotton said...

You almost have me convinced to ditch my truck and to buy a bicycle.

Calypso said...

Obviously they are NOT making this easy. What a drag! You just have to keep after them - don't let them wear you down.

Felipe Zapata said...

All of the absurd (to us) paperwork requirements in Mexico are based on one assumption: You're trying to pull a fast one.

And they are trying to catch you at it.

Tancho said...

Steve, there is something to be said about the bicycle, however it would look pretty funny with a cooler, couple of dogs , a wife and mother in law....
Calypso, I guess based on what the average Mexican has to put up with, it is just another day.
Felipe, you always mentioned that there is little trust amongst Mexicans, with the amount of paperwork this really settles that matter.