Friday, February 10, 2012

Almost, almost there.

Not hearing anything from our insurance carrier or adjuster since faxing them copies of requested paperwork, leaving multiple voice mails, I decided to call them this morning.
After all in about 10 days it will be almost 3 months of being without a car.

Not that we don't have a pickup truck, it's just that we are filling the gas twice as much as we would in our old Honda.

After waiting on hold this morning for about 15 minutes, I was told that they are sending me letters and forms for me to sign.

I will have to send them original paperwork and we should be getting it wrapped up very soon.

Very soon, is kind of subjective, depending on first your age and second your personality type.
Me being somewhere between a Type A and Type B person, very soon is not soon enough since this has become a pain in the butt.
But as I have mentioned before, I have a calm and relaxed perspective about this also. Simply because we all walked away from this, which was a blessing as far as I am concerned.

The other good news is that they will not be deducting any money for our deductible, since they are going after the Qualitas insurance company, which I guess is what the Truck owner came up with.
That is indeed good news, since that would a fairly decent chunk of change.
So now, we wait for the mail.

I guess I can now go start looking for an replacement car. With the chunk of change in my pocket, this is a time to see if we are going to go back to Honda or perhaps look at a Ford.

My wife has always loved Honda's, I have been a GM man all my life, but failed to buy a GM after the last debacle, not knowing if they were even going to be in business 10 years from how.
Ford seemed to be a better choice in that regards.

So, the light in the tunnel has gotten brighter........


Jerry L said...

Glad things are finally working out for you guys.

Felipe Zapata said...

Leave Qualitas alone. It's my insurance company, and I don't want it paying out more than necessary unless it's something that benefits me personally.

As you know, I have the same Honda you have, well, had. Detest it. It's my first-ever Honda, and it's a mistake I will not repeat.

The pinche Honda is my third car bought new in Mexico. The two previous ones were Chevrolets, which I heartily recommend.

The only Ford I've ever owned was a Ranger pickup, and it was dismally underpowered.

Get a Chevrolet of some sort, returning to your GM roots. Great cars.

Calypso said...

We have a Mexican made Jetta - like it very much. Honda is overrated in my opinion; and thus over-priced. Of course you are going to get a lot of opinions now - you did set yourself up for that ;-)

Tancho said...

Thanks Jerry, I am pretty happy even though the hassle factor.
Felipe, We will see how good your Qualitas payment will be, since they are suppose to send me a check, I'll buy you a cafecito, which intern will benefit's that?
What did you not like about your Honda? My only gripe was the rear view side mirror gave me a headache.
John, with a check safely deposited in my bank account I will be looking a few models, VW may be a possibility.....

Felipe Zapata said...

Don't like a million details, almost all of which only affect the driver. Probably topping the list is the fact the windows don't shut automatically when you get out. And then there's the door locks. The car seems most intent of keeping me out than keeping thieves out. But lots of other things. Too numerous to list here. Oddly, the Chevrolet Meriva I had previously, which cost a third less, did all of these details perfectly.

Anonymous said...

you might want to look at the frequency of repair records for the brands you are considering. good luck.