Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poor planning

In all our years here I cannot remember a single January or February that it has rained any appreciable amount.
Perfect time to do repairs around the ranch, since this is the dry season.
Sort of.

Yesterday and Friday night we had some downpours. Haven't the slightest idea where it came from.
Did it come from the south? Perhaps the west?

I know, it came from above.

I had torn off the roof on one of our out buildings to replace some of the roof decking. Today all the stuff inside is outside, looking for some dry out temperatures and a little breeze.

Since it never rains in February, there was no need to tarp anything.

Maybe now , I will invest in a large tarp to toss over unfinished projects after we finish up for the day.
Then again, I'll probably forget that it rained buckets the first week of February.


Felipe Zapata said...

It came from up north.

jerryL said...

At least you don't have hurricanes.