Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remember when people used to answer the phone?

We finally got the paperwork to sign over the title of the Honda to the person whom we have no idea may be.

The form they sent us is a power of attorney form with a whole bunch of blank forms that they say should remain blank.

That was a red flag for me, but I wanted to talk to someone about it.

I have called and left several voice mail messages and still am waiting for a call back.

They must all be preparing for Carnival or something. I know that Mazatlan start today, not sure what everyone else is doing.

Thinking about voice mail and the percentage of success of being able to actually talk to someone when you call made me think of the good ol days.

I remember when we were in the radio communications business I could pick up the phone and actually talk to the person who designed the antenna or parts that we were using in our systems.

The information was usually a yes no type of questions. The neat thing was that after talking with those engineers we would get into more detail and often I would learn a lot of information that was helpful in future projects and day to day business.

The came the time when for some reason everyone was hiding behind their voice mail boxes. We would need yes no information which would often take days of attempting to contact those people.
Kind of like what is happening now, on this project. Simple communicative process now takes hours if not days of frustrating one way exchange.

Gotta love technological advance in communications. On the other side of the coin we have email which will instantly appear on someones screen.

What a dichotomy of communications.


JerryL said...

try tweeting them!

Felipe Zapata said...

Just sign the forms, and everything will turn out fine in the end.

You gotta have faith to live in this country.

Calypso said...

Ask ALL the questions BEFORE signing - due diligence is the key to survival. IMHO