Saturday, March 31, 2012

Getting ready...

The workers were setting up the other day, putting up the framework for the tents that will cover most or all of the plaza walkways.

This weekend we will see the vendors setting up for next weeks celebrations.
Semana Santa.

A good week to stay out of the center of town unless absolutely necessary.
Some of the locals will head out to the coast for a few days off.s all head out of town to the coast

Crowds, people, traffic, noise, all reasons to stay home.

Only reason to go is to pick up a few sweet tamales which I did yesterday.

Taste great, bad for the diet.....


Steve Cotton said...

"Crowds, people, traffic, noise"

Hey, those are the things I like about life. And I can certainly get a good dose of them in Mexico -- especially during the next week here on the beach.

jerryL said...

Seems like you guys are always getting ready for some fiesta one form or another.

Calypso said...

Here in Puerto we have far less than in Xico of the religious celebrations. There is a church or a shrine on nearly every corner in Xico.

The color and the general fun ambiance is nice - maybe people are kinder to one another during those times?

We tend to stay home during the height of the celebrations to avoid the crowds. We seem to always manage to live in a tourist destination.