Monday, April 02, 2012

They are here.

See what happens when you push the wrong a flash my blog header disappears and I have to use the "new improved" version. That is unless I backed up my old one before I hit the enter key.

No such luck. So you will be looking at a work in progress over the next few days, in any case, I made it down to the plaza yesterday, even though I had to park about 5 blocks away from the plaza.

It is almost a carbon copy of what is here at the day of the dead celebrations in November, except that they don't have as many vendors selling Katrinas.

Still a few but not as many.

The statue clad in black was in front of the Municipal offices, so in Mexico there are no lawyers sueing the government for showing religious articles on governmental property.
Hear that ACLU?


Steve Cotton said...

Isn't Blogger grand. Every time I have revised the format of my blog, the world gets to see each of my tentative choices. It is as bad as dating.

Felipe Zapata said...

So, the new look was forced upon you? No matter. It was time for a change.

I suggest you come up, however, with a different subhead. Where else can you hear the breeze through the trees and a crackling fireplace at night? Well, about a trillion other places.

I too was on the plaza yesterday afternoon, and I only parked half a block away. You gotta get down there more often to learn the little secrets.

Calypso said...

Welcome to Mexico: Separation of church and state - what's that???

I do appreciate the fact that it has not got so crazy that a nativity scene on your front lawn could get you thrown out of the neighborhood.

Tancho said...

Steve, the old page let you look at possibilities before you pulled the plug, not this one...
Felipe, (yesterday) was Sunday as I was writing about it, Yesterday (Monday) I parked 1 block away...your secret spots.....uuum, I will have to drive around and do some reconnaissance.
It's nice to see the other side of the argument,that the country can do what it want's to do without dividing all....sort of.

Anonymous said...

and what statue would that be? looks a little like santa teresita, my patron saint, but i'm not sure.

feliz pascua to you and the mrs.

teresa in nagoya

Anonymous said...

Hola Tancho,
too bad about the format. not so bad though. felipe is right. gotta change that subhead. as for the rest? Viva Mejico!