Monday, March 05, 2012

Great Thursday !

From November 25 to February 29, we have been in a state of suspended animation so to speak. Not having a economical car somewhat stunts your activities in traveling around.
Today I received a check from Mapfre Tepeyac S.A. for the Honda.

So now with the check deposited in our account the search goes for a replacement automobile.
The question I am having a difficult time with is do we buy the same make and model or do we jump ship to another brand of car.

The Honda did do a stellar job of protecting our little bodies during that impact and it was comfortable and got decent gas mileage.

I am now also considering possibly buying a diesel, just because they really get better fuel mileage and could run on my old deep fry oil if necessary.

Only problem with them is there are only a few manufactures that make the diesel. So now the quest begins to hunt down the replacement car.....
But first we will verify that the check has actually cleared the bank and the funds are there forever.
Not that I have any doubts.....well yes I do, I just hear a lot of horror stories, so safe is better than quick.
Now life can get back to less anticipation that the last few months has bestowed up us......


Steve Cotton said...

New car buying? I will live off of your high -- vicariously.

Anonymous said...

Felicidades Tancho!
Pobrecito, so many choices.
But seriously, you can't go wrong with a diesel. With fewer systems they last longer, and yes, they are more efficient.
Is VW sold SoB?
have fun

JerryL said...

About time!
If you can get a diesel that car should be able to last you a lifetime unless a tractor rig with perishable kisses your rear!

Tancho said...

Now the work begins to make the right choice. Before each time I was in the market, I had already known which model I wanted, but now I am looking at all the possibilities. My ideal vehicle would be a diesel, but unfortunately the choice is very limited for some reason.

Calypso said...

VW would be my diesel choice. We have a Jetta (gas) - it has been a fine car - very reliable and spacious with the back seat that folds down - instant pick-up ;-) I would have diesel if I could have afforded it.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Hola Tancho! Wow, I'm so glad the ordeal is drawing to an end. whew
I have a little advice on safety when choosing a car to buy based on many classes and much experience attending to vehicle crashes.
Larger, newer, heavier cars are safer. Bags help but can be problematic as well. Look for vehicles with large passenger space, as Passenger Space Intrusion kills. Vehicles that have a frame that sit up higher are safer in t-bone crashes as the frame will serve to protect you in the PSI scenario. Picture 2 vehicles side impacting, one a small lower to the ground vehicle and the other higher like a pickup or suv. . .now look where that frame of the higher vehicle will impact the smaller one and vice-versa. Now which vehicle would you like to have been in. As you know, a higher clearance vehicle works better in MX too. SOOO, my suggestion is to go with the vehicle you had or one like it. After all, it DID save your lives! Imagine how you all would have fared if you were in a VW or a Smart Car or even a small sedan of any kind. Suerte, Amigo!

The Dodson's said...

Well, congratulations on getting through the red tape! Nobody likes dealing with insurance companies even NOB.

When will we see you up here NOB?

Felipe Zapata said...