Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some things never change.....oh yes they do.

We are on the road.
We usually go out and check out some of the restaurants in town. Never do we go to any "chain" since if you go to one, you know them all.
Well, maybe not.
The other night we settled in our motel room, took a nap for a hour or so and by 8 we were both hungry.
Our main meal is usually mid-day and I didn't want a full sit down meal and she didn't want to hassle with getting out and figuring where we might go.
"Go and get something and bring it back to our room"
In Mexico you usually can get something to take out, since almost all the restaurants and even cheap comida correda joints have these foam plastic containers to take out. You know the ones that break and crack of you don't carry the tray with both hands. Absolutely no structural integrity to them.
Well, ok, the choices are fast
Subway, we just had one a day ago in Los Alamos while seeing the world famous Copper Canyon which shouldn't be world famous.
"How about KFC?"
Neither of us has had Kentucky Fried Chicken in quite awhile. Has to be at least 5 years or so. All I remember is that it was tasty, moist if you got the original recipe and fairly inexpensive.
Oh, and I forgot to say, very bad for you if you are watching your weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, hypoglycemia, and a ton of other reasons why.
"Sure, why not was my answer"
It was down the street so it was a no brainer.
Arriving at the place, it seems that the prices for dead chickens has gone up a tad since my last visit. An 8 piece bucket ( which is no longer served in a bucket but a rectangle box) was 160 pesos.
Nope, too much and too expensive.
They had a 6 piece meal which included an side and potatoes for 120 pesos. I ordered that.
I had mentioned before that multitasking is not available at any fast food chain franchise restaurant in Mexico and this KFC was not going to be any different.
He rang my order up after repeating it to me and the total was 152.
The machine showed that my change was 48 pesos.
He went first to get the box, then back to the register to check the order, then to the shelf to put the chicken in the box.
Then he went to the register to check the order again, then back to the warmer they keep the tubs of something that looks like mashed potatoes.
Then back to the register, then to the refrigerated unit to grab the salad, not before looking at the 3 girls on the same side of the counter that were busy texting someone or looking pensively at one of their cellphones.
The register still said 48 pesos change.
He then told one of the girls to start waiting on the others that were behind me. He had not given me my change yet, so I knew exactly what was going to happen next.
She took the order for the next person and wiped out the change notation.
But old Tancho was prepared for that since I was still holding onto my receipt.
After putting all our stuff into a plastic bag, I did the one thing that I should not have done.
I asked him for some extra salt and perhaps honey for the biscuits.
He then went to look for that, after only about 30 seconds he returned and handed my bag to my waiting hands.
He then started helping the next person.
It was then that I asked him about my change.
Oh, how much was it?
He went over to the register and looked by this time it was gone off the display.
I told him it was 48 pesos, so now he had to get a supervisor to open the till .
After getting her to do that, he asked me again for the amount.
I was starting to think that what would happen if I said 86 or some other number.
I repeated that it was 48 and offered to show him my receipt.
Unnecessary labor and efficiency dictated that he scoop up the 48 pesos and hand them to me.
I am sure glad that I don't own that franchise and that I don't go to these kind of places anymore unless we absolutely have to.
Returning to the motel room, opening up the box, we started on the though of how good dinner was going to be.
After one bite I knew that it was a big waste of money.
Dry, crispy chicken, some pieces which I am not sure what part of the chicken it came from were spiced with an overly spicy pepper powder, my wife tried one spoonful of the mashed potato and tossed it in the sack, I looked for another recognizable piece and found what looked like a wing that had been either overcooked, dehydrated or freeze dried prior to cooking and had one bite.
This night I can tell you that KFC was very healthy, since you wind up not eating much of it, trying to remember the old days of how it tasted years ago, in a land of multitasking.......NOB.


Steve Cotton said...

"While seeing the world famous Copper Canyon which shouldn't be world famous.

Do tell us more. As you know, I really enjoyed Copper Canyon. Rather than the inevitable rush of a bus tour.

We need to talk one of these days about my KFC experience in Beijing. Or how those of us who suffer from Spoonerisms can be unintentionally amusing.

Felipe Zapata said...

I am stunned at those prices.

Tancho said...

The trip was a little anticlimactic because of the hype from a few friends. Our trip was interesting at first, then disappointing after a horse back ride and hike to see a waterfall that was a drip into a almost dry stream, adding some equipment failures, overzealous vendors in Cerochahui I was expecting something different.

I think the main issues is that Michoacan and Patzcuaro is in itself so beautiful that I am comparing a lot of stuff to home.

We enjoyed Creel , and Batopilas reminded us of so many little towns in Michoacan that we could have exchanged locations without knowing.
I would do it again, taking someone who is less critcal and jaded than I. I would enjoy seeing their reaction.
And I still stand by my statment, so that more people don't show up from all over the world. You know me, a cranky old geezer,well almost old, but cranky.

I was too especially when you can get a pollo rostisado in Patzcuaro for 55 pesos that tastes better and you can get served faster....

JerryL said...

KFC is not what it use to be in the states either. Can't put my finger on exactly what, maybe the health issues with transfats,etc,low salt and now offering grilled chicken, taste of the chicken has suffered. Cheapest bucket of about 12 pieces for a family dinner is close to $18 bucks now. Much cheaper to buy a cooked bird in the supermarket.

Calypso said...

A new fusion restaurant opened this week in Puerto {Lotus)- Thai, Chinese and even some Indian dishes - come on down!

I HATE those crazy letter robot checks! Can I buy a pass?

Andean said...

I had the best pollo asado al carbon in La Manzanilla... someone had barbques going in their front yard, I was with friends we bought a couple, 50 pesos each, it came with tortillas, pico de gallo and salsa picante.
Never a fan of KFC in the NE...and now a reminder why...

Tancho said...

How do you buy a pass? I couldn't see anyway to list regular commenters so I have turned of the security. We'll see if I have to turn it back on.
We are going to have some langostino for lunch today if the water ever gets hot enough to cook those suckers....
Uuum, Thai that is what I haven't had any decent in a long time.

Andean, some local pollo rostisado or pollo alcarbon I will take any day over KFC...I am surprised that more healthy grill chicken places have not popped up NOB. Gringo love deep fried anything. Even Twinkies.

Don Cuevas said...

We are having lunch tomorrow at Pollos Asados (al carbón) El Tejaban, in Tzurumutaro. My kind of place.

Back in the 90's, we visited the Copper Canyon area three or more times. The first time was an adventure. After that, it was ho-hum. Most of the train ride is overrated. For me, the high point is the Témoris Staion descent/ascent.

I think the secret to a satisfactory Copper Canyon trip is to take an excursion, preferably over night, to Urique or maybe Batopilas. We never did.

Don Cuevas

Andean said...

Tancho if there are some new ones I haven't heard any positive comments, Boston Market has the most decent and ONE supermarket I make a trip to just for their roasted chicken y no hay mas...I don't eat much fried anything...

Tancho said...

The trip was ok, and as I said I would go back but do a few things different.
Haven't been to your Turu El Tejaban, will have to try it. For years up until about 6 years or so ago, my favorite place to take visitors was El Tejaban in Tacambaro. The place is no more, but the unpretentious food was always a delight, especially with a few bottles of Don Julio and sopes galore.The place is now a turnaround for taxis, it was a rustic shed roofed eating terrace with the kitchen in the same room overlooking the valleys to the west. Spent many an afternoons there watching the lightning storms pass as the rain hit the metal roof so hard you couldn't carry on a conversation.....

Anonymous said...

a rotisseried chicken in a brazilian restaurant here in nagoya is approximately $18.00. is it worth it, i don't know, i haven't felt it was worth trying for that much money. i haven't had kfc in years and have been tempted to try one here,it but haven't gotten around to it. we will one of these days.

teresa in nagoya

Felipe Zapata said...

It's not just here on your blog. Blogger's garbled-letter security system, or whatever it's called, has gotten worse everywhere. Pain in the kazoo.

Just turn it off, and have everything moderated. That works just about as well. Doing the letters AND moderating is a bit redundant anyway.

Anonymous said...

You didn't really ask for extra salt did you?

Tancho said...

I asked for salt, pepper, condiments napkins and forks etc, since we didn't have those in our motel room. Now matter, the couple of bites we took of that was enough to go out to the car and retrieve a few bananas.....
Pretty least in Mexico, don't know if the US has changed.

Anonymous said...
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