Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Treats are a comin....

Time for Semana Santa.

That's the time when we have special sweet tamales on the San Francisco plaza. The vendors come out with huge steamers and sell the delicious treats.

The bad thing is that I like them.

The bad thing is that they are not the best for healthy diets.
But then again , they are around only once a year, so I guess I can indulge and do some extra walking to wear of the added calories.

Not sure if they are available in other parts of Mexico, Michoacan has special delicacies that are special for the areas.

Corundas are another item I don't see anywhere else.

One more week and I think the vendors will be arriving.

I wonder if they freeze well?


Don Cuevas said...

Tancho, we have never eaten one of those huge, sweet, sun baked tamales and I hope we never do.

Yes, it is certainly a picturesque scene but one in which the hygiene leaves much to be desired.

Don Cuevas

Andean said...

Tamales are my favorite when I go to Mexico and they sell them in the Coastalegre all year round. There are stands or a car comes around shouting their name. The pork are the tastiest, sweet ones running second best. With a little hot sauce and they could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Freezing was not an option, ate them too fast and got a new batch.

Calypso said...

We eat tamales regularly sold in many places around Puerto Escondido (and Xico). We like the herb version being vegetarians - yum!

So we never heard the end of the story on the car saga - what did you end up getting?

Tancho said...

Sr Cueva, Hygiene
As far as I am concerned, hygiene is pretty much a spin of the roulette wheel, not that walking away from some vendor that has obvious signs of poor food handling skills. Having worked in the kitchens of several fine dining establishments, I would go for a street vender any day.

Andean, It's hard to control one's self when the perticular tamales are only around in abundance during this time of the year.

Vegetarian tamales? Next thing you are going to tell me is that they have Tofu tamales.....
Still trying to fins the right vehicle, getting close, leaning toward getting another Honda....but the damn things have gone up in price since we got the last one.
What I really want is a diesel car, like they have in Europe.
Funny thing is that over there, very manufacturer has several models that get 40+ gpm, where here in NAmerica, there are less that a handful......

Andean said...

Tancho, That's why I have no control with good tamales either I don't live in Mexico but when I'm there... Yum is right!
The herb version I would try, tofu-- ahh I dunno.

JerryL said...

Never had those but have had the sweet uachepos (sp) and those are addictive too, especially with some of that delicious cheese on top. I can taste it now. I have only seen them while visiting Patzcuaro.

Felipe Zapata said...

Follow your best instincts. Think of two things: hygiene and fat content.