Sunday, July 08, 2012

Boys in the Band.....

One thing I find amusing is the way Mexicans socialize and have parties.

We have our favorite places when we trek on the road. Over the years we have found places that take us along with our dogs. Some are nice places, some are great places and a few are mediocre to poor places. When we are on the road, sometimes we can't be choosers, especially traveling with 3 mini doxies. ( Our Children, so to speak )

A few weeks ago, we had met up with some friends and were sitting around knocking off a few brewskis when we heard a mariachi group start singing. First we thought it was the Mariachi passing on the beach, which they do now and then looking for jobs from people at the various hotels and beachfront residences.

Not this time.

Standing less that 50 - ft from our door was half a dozen musicians with 3 or 4 mariachi employers.
The employers where obviously have a grand time, drinking beer from the large liter bottles. As one bottle opened up and was passed around the requests for music got more and more colorful.
And so did the participation.

After about the 3 bottles and 15 minutes the employers started singing with the mariachis.
One more bottle and they were out of beer.

One of the buddies got recruited to go fetch some more beer to keep the music going. Between the musicians and the employers the beer keep emptying out the large bottles pretty quick. This all lasted about an hour.

The place we stay at is party central at time to Mexican families. Unlike small resort hotels and apartments, Mexicans have a professional way to party hearty.

I have noticed over the years , that usually one or two will rent the room for the weekend. A quiet relatively small party will start on Friday night, but will swell to 20 to 30 guest including screaming kids, loud middle aged teens and lots of moms, dads, uncles aunts and a handful of grandmas and granddads.

The end of the weekend the pool area, the beach, their rooms area and front look like disaster areas have hit. Between empty bottles, cans, miscellaneous kids toys in various stages of disassembly , old chip and tortilla bags and the such are all left for the room maids to clean up.

During the party, we usually will end up inside since if we are outside trying to read and enjoy the view of the beach, the noise and parading of the party goers in front and in the midst of our "space" is quite annoying.

I don't mind partying and God knows I have partied with the rest of them, but for some reason the partiers think nothing of walking in and around your chairs and front room spaces....

So if we don't want to join them we usually will go inside and turn the volume up on our music....

Check out the mini beach concert here.

After about an hour, either the beer ran out, or the pesos....not sure, but the party went home and it got quiet except for the surf.....

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