Thursday, July 19, 2012

No ID, No Nothing, Nada

The big news NOB is that """""Free voter ID's still too burdensome for poor people , says voting rights group"""

I cannot believe people nowadays. If they only knew what the paper work and ID , situation is in Mexico or other parts of the world, they wouldn't complain.
Each year we spend at least one day going to , coming from several agencies, photo shops to have pictures taken, banks to pay for the privilege of getting the ID and we are not even a citizen.
We need numbers for our banks, ID's for the medical insurance, ID's for the national registry on and on....

Several of our Friends that have gotten citizenship must have their ID card in order to vote, in order to get anything from medical services, to discounts for medicine and transportation.

I find it interesting that this kind of whining can emanate from one of the richest countries in the free world.
We already know that the voting system in the US is broken, with having dead people vote, other people voting multiple times and even non citizens from countries far and wide placing their two cents into the voter basket....but someone wants to verify if they are registered voters and the whole world comes apart for them.

People NOB should see what the paperwork system and chain of bureaucracy is like here, if they want to complain that it's too difficult to get an ID.

They have ID's to get into school, you need an ID to walk into a federal building a state building, so is asking for an ID to vote too much?

I guess so.....

Maybe they shouldn't vote then if they think it is too hard to get an ID?

That wouldn't be fair would it?

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