Sunday, January 13, 2013

Clean up time, memories and all.

We are getting ready to load up the Honda and do some visiting. I was looking for one of my bags that I travel with and ran across some other items that made me site down and ponder a bit.

What jogged my memory is that our blogger buddy Steve in Oregon is in the process of selling his home and going through lots of stuff that for some reason we tend to keep, probably to bring us back to some memories of times, possible better or maybe not.

I ran across a box of stuff of when I was in the radio biz, one of the items was a demo tape that I use to send around to various radio stations that I was applying at for a job. The radio business in those days was all live. There were no satellite feeds that hundreds of radio stations fed into their local transmitter to provide programming sources. At that time there were 4 networks. ABC, CBS, NBC and Mutual.  Mutual you may remember or maybe not, I happen to have a radio ID card from the Mutual Radio Network with my name type in large letters, as a news correspondent.
At that time if you worked at a small market radio station you happen do a little bit of everything, from doing the news, to playing music , to cleaning and in my case after the station when off the air I would do maintenance on the studio equipment, then drive to the transmitter and performs some maintenance, like oiling the cooling fans, dusting out cabinets, and if other issues arose.

Anyway......back to the box, I also found a stack of 45 records.
45 Records?
I don't even have anything to play them on, anymore but yet I kept them for some reason. I just recently purchased a turntable that I can plug into my USB port on my computer's so that I can transfer one by one, my record collection.

Not sure if I will ever accomplish that, since it has to be done in real time and I have a lot of 33.3 albums. A lot! I still have some stored away in a storage locker in NCal.

In my pondering, I was thinking of how the technology has changed just in my lifetime. I remember purchasing my first 78 record of Pat Boone singing Moon River.  A 78?  not sure why not a 45, perhaps either we didn't have a 45 record player, which was probably the case, and didn't have a hifi.

They were called HiFi, and I remember when my older brother got his. It was an RCA and it played 33 records, and he let me use it now and then when he felt in a good mood to play a few of my 45's.

Just think of how many people do not know what records are, let alone 78, 45, or 33. There were even records done in 16 rpm, they were mostly done for spoken word recordings, I knew of them, but never had any.
So, now the question is, what do I do with the found 45's. No one still alive has any 45 players, I don't think they have any value, and if the music was any good it would have been burned onto a CD compilation of some sort, if not popular, and not kept then who cares anyway?

The check out time is coming up, based on the number of people I read in the obits, not that I am expecting anything in the immediate future, but I just don't want to have someone else go through all the useless stuff.

I remember when my mother died, all her dear possessions where really of no real value. We kept a few things to remember her with, but all in all, it was just old crappy stuff. No antiques worth small fortunes, nothing much of anything......

So, I may keep the Mutual Broadcasting ID, to use on the next road block down here, and toss the 45's into the canyon recycling area. I wonder how many hundreds of years it will take for that plastic to decompose?

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