Friday, January 04, 2013

January here again, hear hear.

As I sit having my morning coffee, I reflect on that this is a beginning of a new year. Too me, it's no big deal, just another day, another month and another year....

I think about the things that happened, the friends that died, the businesses that closed because of the economy, the people that were in the news, the tragedies that happened by crazy people that were nuts and needed to be locked up and have the key tossed away.

The changes in how we do things, the advancements in science, the discoveries , the hardships of weather caused occurrences, on and on and on......
Seems that lots of stuff is happening, more so than before. But in reality it's probably just the same, only the messengers are better faster and connected than before.

What I miss is the friends that have died, most of them were my age, some younger , some older, some that I hadn't seen in years and some that I had seen just weeks before their personal grim reaper called on them for their journey.

With all the gadgets we have been given to save us time,effort and labor, it seems that we have less time to communicate with our friends nowadays.

Maybe it's because I don't Tweet, Faceoff, or checking on my daily timeline of life on the various social Internet sites like everyone else seems to do.

I don't handle change to good, maybe because for the most part the change is self serving for a limited amount of people and not for the whole good of man........
Maybe , maybe not.....

Like is it really better to have mail delivered instantly or was it better to have the excitement of opening up a hand written letter that traveled half way across an Continent?
Another thing that has changed and never goes backwards is the cost of living.

What has changed this past year is the price of living in Mexico has gone up, from tortillas , eggs and chickens, to gas, insurance and CFE ( the power bill ).

Every January like clockwork, prices will be going up in Mexico. It is guaranteed that shop keepers will automatically raise the prices anywhere from 5 to 10 %. People expect that, and the store owners take advantage of that phenomenon. A lot of the time even though their cost has not gone up, they take advantage of the January price increase month....
Don't  get me wrong here, it is still a lot cheaper to live down here in Mexico than NOB, especially when you figure not only the food is closer to the source but lots of stuff is day of not weeks fresher than in the states.

I won't even get into talking about politics, other than to thank God that it's over. Don't have to see bill boards of smiling people or countless tv ads foisting their guy over the other guy.....

I had mentioned that one of the valuable things that I have now or lack thereof is time. The hourglass sand is quickly running out, more sand has hit the bottom than there was there last year at the same time.

Now the priority is to make use of the time that we all have, so I need to remove my butt from in front of the computer and go do something outside..... need to go build something.

After all it's a new year!...........big deal.

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